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Fox Valley Technical College is a nationally-recognized and ASE-Certified CASE (Continuing Automotive Service Education) provider of Auto Material Damage Assessment and Auto Collision training. Customized training and seminars are provided using instruction that emphasizes hands-on, practical application of skills. Training is conducted in our state-of-the-art facilities and includes the use of actual vehicles throughout the training experience. Technical assistance and consulting services are also available.

Collision Damage Assessment for Estimators

  • New Technology for the Damage Appraiser
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    This program will provide the student with the tools to make informed decisions when assessing damage to modern vehicles. It will also provide a summary of many of the driver convenience systems, driver assistance systems, and added safety features, as well as an overview of the collision repair processes that each involves

  • Introduction to Collision Damage Assessment Training
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    The objective of this 3-day seminar is to introduce appraisers and estimators to vehicle identification of components in relation to estimating manuals. P-Page study and estimating fundamentals, combined with actual estimate construction using computerized estimating systems are the building blocks for successful estimating.

  • Non-Structural Repair Decisions - Intermediate
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    This five-day hands-on seminar is designed to assist collision appraisers and estimators in making replace or repair decisions. This training aids in the understanding of repair time and improves the ability to effectively communicate within the collision industry.

  • Analyzing & Estimating Structural Damage - Intermediate
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    Understanding the technical side of repairs is a necessary skill for all appraisers. This five-day hands-on seminar gives the estimator basic repair knowledge for making repair value decisions.

  • Advanced Structural Repair
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    Vehicle structures have been the focus of extreme change affecting repairability and repair logic. This three-day seminar incorporates OEM statements, procedures, repair/replace decisions, repair strategy and labor analytics to provide students with the information to write accurate repair estimates that reduce supplements.

  • Problem Alignment Diagnosing
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    Interpreting alignment reports is critical in diagnosing alignment and handling problems for everyone involved in the repair process. By conclusion of this 20 hour seminar participants will be empowered to determine if damage extends into body and/or components and how to determine which component/s are damaged to eliminate unnecessary repairs. Handling and performance issues are addressed.

  • Advanced Vehicle Systems Estimating
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    This five-day seminar links learning with hands-on repair for an interactive student experience that focuses on theft, contamination, flood and collision-related damage. This seminar gives appraisers and estimators the knowledge to accurately determine the cause of damage.

  • Heavy Truck Estimating
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    Heavy truck equipment can be difficult to estimate for a number of reasons. Loss of use, parts availability, depreciation, options, customization packages and nomenclature differences are only some of the reasons. This one-week seminar will focus on Semi-Tractors, trailers, dump and other specialty hauling vehicles. Know what you are looking at and understand choices of repair to enable accurate estimate writing. FVTC has a fleet of diversely configured trucks to identify and estimate.

Collision Training for Repair Technicians

  • Introduction to Alignment using Hunter Alignment System
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    This two-day seminar is designed for alignment technicians and shop service writers working in shops using Hunter Alignment Systems equipment. Hands-on application of information includes actual vehicle repair to reinforce concepts for a thorough understanding of steering and suspension alignment basics. Learn how to use Hunter equipment to its potential. Communicate effectively by understanding effects of common alignment problems and causes.

  • Advanced Alignment using Hunter Alignment System
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    This seminar is designed for technicians working with Hunter Alignment Systems equipment: Problem alignments can be a major barrier in profit and customer satisfaction. Understanding causes of handling issues, tire wear, collision related problems will turn problem alignments to profit while maintaining highly satisfied customers. Make your Hunter system work for you, learn the advanced tools and procedures already at your fingertips. Hands-on application of information and vehicle repair will be included in the seminar.

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