Nursing Assistant Program Requirements 

Health Requirements

To meet the Center for Disease Control and Wisconsin Division of Health recommendations for health care workers and the requirements of the various clinical agencies utilized by FVTC, the following policy has been developed by the nursing faculty:

1. All nursing students must have a completed Health History Form on file with the school health nurse as part of the admissions process.

2. The student must have documentation of required immunizations. Tetanus-diphtheria booster, rubeola, rubella, mumps, polio, and chicken pox are required. It is highly recommended that students have the Hepatitis B Virus immunization series. If the student declines the HBV immunization, a signed waiver is required. The waiver is available from the FVTC Health Services Office or the nursing faculty office.

3. Tuberculosis (2 step Mantoux) testing is required within 3 months prior to starting the nursing assistant program. Students may update their skin test at the FVTC Health Services Office, physician’s office, or work site.  Ensuring that tuberculin skin test is up-to-date is the responsibility of the student. If the choice is made to have a skin test at a physician’s office or work site, documentation from that site must be submitted to the FVTC Health Services Office.   An initial chest x-ray is required of all students who have had a positive tuberculin skin test.

4. The FVTC Health Services Office will give the instructor individualized student health forms before starting at the clinical site. The nursing assistant program students will not be eligible for clinical placement unless all health information is documented and on file with the FVTC Health Services Office; and has been approved by the clinical site.

Background Checks

The FVTC Nursing Assistant Program requires that all Background Checks are completed through

Certified Background Check Instructions - Nursing Assistant Program

Caregiver Background Check Law

Background Information Disclosure (BID) Policy and Form

The Background Information Disclosure form (F-82064) gathers information as required by the Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check Law to help employers and governmental regulatory agencies make employment, contract, residency, and regulatory decisions. Complete and return the entire form and attach explanations as specified by employer or governmental regulatory agency.

NOTE: Health care agencies have a legal right to deny a student clinical experience based on previous crimes committed. Your background check will be reviewed by the participating agency for approval prior to program orientation. Any questions regarding the results should be brought to the FVTC Program Coordinator prior to the NA Program Orientation.
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