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Activities and Opportunities 

There are opportunities available for those who wish to participate in activities above and beyond the FVTC SNA monthly meetings.


The FVTC SNA has a snack bar in the nursing lab.  A variety of snack are available.  All snacks are paid for on the honor system.  Money earned from the snack bar is used to buy door prizes for the meetings, to help pay for costs for the pinning ceremony for graduating nursing students, and to defray costs of students who wish to attend conventions.

The FVTC SNA also is selling Vande Walle's candy bars.  They are located in the nursing lab, or you can contact any club member or the advisor.

Community Service Projects

SNA Students at Marathon photoFox Cities Marathon - This Community learning opportunity is held the last week-end in September each year. The FVTC SNA participate in this event on an annual basis by assisting the Sports Medicine MDs and Physical Therapists in the First Aid tent or by being "catchers" at the Finish Line and providing runners with aid there as needed.  The nursing student is assigned with an MD or a triage nurse at the Finish Line. Anyone interested should contact one of the FVTC SNA officers. This year's marathon is on Sunday, September 22nd.  Come join us!

WSNA Conventions

  • WNA/WSNA Convention is held in October each year.  The WSNA has educational meetings and can also attend the educational seminars of the WNA.  There are also delegate meetings of the WSNA. 
  • WSNA Annual Convention is held in February each year.  The Convention is a great way to interact with nursing students from across the state.  Friday night there is "nursing Olympics", demonstrating skills in a humorous manner.  Saturday there are educational sessions and elections of the state officers.  FVTC SNA can send one delegate to the delegate session.  Please check the WSNA website for the most up-to-date information.
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