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Under the previous Enterprise Agreement, students could purchase a Microsoft license for software for approximately $25. Per the Enterprise Agreement, those licenses were valid as long as the Enterprise Agreement was in force or if renewed. The consortium of the University of Wisconsin/Wisconsin Technical College System (UW/WTCS) worked very hard to get Microsoft to renew that Enterprise Agreement, however that was not accomplished and the agreement expired on July 30, 2003.

The UW/WTCS consortium pleaded with Microsoft not to penalize students who had already purchased software. As a result of those negotiations, Microsoft agreed that students who had graduated before July 30, 2003 would have ownership. Continuing students who have not graduated will not have ownership, but will be able to “upgrade” to full licenses for an additional fee of approximately $65.

All Microsoft software that is offered on the WISC web site as of now provides full ownership rights to students. The price of the software is now approximately $85, but students have full ownership rights and will not be at the mercy of Microsoft’s changing policies. This price still represents a substantial savings from the approximate retail price of $185 and discount price of $120.

Although the UW/WTCS consortium attempted through every means possible to negotiate an agreement with Microsoft that would have continued to offer students the benefits available under the original Enterprise Agreement without increasing student costs, we could not reach an agreement with Microsoft.

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