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Access Technology Center 


  • Computers - five computers are available for homework and two additional computers are available for testing purposes.
  • Scanners - three scanners are available for scanning homework, books, and other documents related to school. 
  • Digital Voice Recorders - can be used during class to record lectures.
  • Tape Players - several tape players are available for student use.
  • CCTV's (closed-circuit television systems) that can be used to magnify books and handouts.
  • FM Assistive Listening Devices are available to hard of hearing students.  These consist of a personal receiver used by the student and a microphone and transmitter used by the instructor.
  • TTY - Room E122 Phone: 920-735-2569


  • Screen Readers - software that can read text through headphones or speakers.
  • Scan and Read  - software that allows scanned documents and books to be listened to through headphones, speakers, or external media.
  • Screen Magnifier - software that allows the screen to be magnified enabling visually impaired students to view the screen.
  • Microsoft Office Suite - Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, Outlook Express, and Publisher.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio - program used in the Visual Basic courses.

Additional Accessories

  • Various trackball mice
  • Magnifiers
  • Large print/talking calculators
  • Various chairs and cushions
  • Ergonomic keyboards
  • Wrist and arm rests/supports

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