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Welcome to the workshop of the future designed to connect people and their ideas to the world! Along the way, you will create, collaborate, learn and build just about anything you can imagine. Your journey starts at Fox Valley Technical College—from there we open your portal to the world and to making your dreams reality.

What is the Fab Lab?

The Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory) is a unique Learning Center that enhances student classes and provides for an outreach program in the Fox Valley. Local schools join the Fab Lab in creating and constructing projects that relate to their curriculum and learn science, technology, engineering and math along the way. The Fab Lab gives students the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other Fab Labs around the world.

How the Fab Lab started and why this is a first for Fox Valley Technical College, Wisconsin and the Midwest.

What is the Fab Lab Network?

FVTC is part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Global Innovation Network. This collaborative network integrates users around the world with common tools and platforms to facilitate the exchange of ideas and designs. The worldwide network is comprised of educational, research, public sector and business institutions.

Equipment & Resources

The Fab Lab combines advanced manufacturing technology and electronics tools to bring your ideas to reality.


FVTC industry experts in engineering and manufacturing will help you make almost anything. They will help you learn how to use laser cutters, CAD programs, milling machines and more—and assist you with idea development and product realization.

We'll also link you to the Fab Lab Referral Network, a team of regional experts who can mentor you through the creative process.
Learn more about the Fab Lab’s specific equipment & resources.

How to Use the Fab Lab

If you’re an existing business, a student, a “garage inventor” or a creative soul with a great idea, you can have access to product prototyping. The Fab Lab is open to FVTC students, our partner organizations and it is open to the general public.
Learn more:
Fab Lab Offerings and Classes

For educators and students call Steve Gallagher (920) 831-4321
Inventors call Jim Janisse (920) 996-2874


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