Administrative Policies (by Type) 

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I. Administration
II. Fiscal Management
III. Health & Safety
IV. Human Resources
V. Instruction
VI. Students

I. Administration
    • Notification
    • Minutes
      • Release of Public Records
      • Fees

    II. Fiscal Management
    A. Audits  

    III. Health & Safety

    IV. Human Resources
    B. Attendance

    Code of Ethics/Conflicts of Interest

    D. Compensation – Management/Exempt

    Complaint Procedure – Discipline & Safety

    District Certification Plan

    G. Employee Recognition

    H. Employees with Pending Criminal Charges or Conviction Record

    I. Employment Disclaimer

    I1. Equal Opportunity
    • Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
    • Religious Accommodations – Employees & Applicants for Employment
    • Harassment
    • Discrimination Complaint Procedure - Employees
    K. FVTC Foundation – Employee Participation

    M. Insurances – Management Exempt
    • Group Travel Accident Insurance Plan (including FA/ESPA)
    • Health & Dental Insurance Plan
    • Life Insurance Plan
    • Long-Term Disability Insurance Plan
    O. Leaves of Absence - Management/Exempt
      Q. Personnel Records

      Q1. Political Activity

      R1. Pre-Employment Background Check Policy and Procedure

      U. Salary Schedules
      • Management Exempt
      • Management Exempt for Teaching Courses
      • Part-Time Non-Union Support Staff
      • Honorarium Payments
      V. Sick Leave Pool

      W.A.1. Terms of Employment - Employee on Long-Term Disability

      Tuition Reimbursement – Management Exempt

      W.A.1.A. Vacation - Management/Exempt Employees

      V. Instruction
      A. Academic Appeals

      A1. Academic Honors

      B. Academic Progress Standards

      B1. Adding Courses after the Start of a Term

      C. Advanced Standing

      D. Advisory Committees

      E. Auditing of Courses

      F. Avocational Courses

      G. Children in Class

      H. Class Size

      H.1. College Admissions

      I. Community Use or Lease of District Facilities

      J. Contracts to Provide Educational Services

      K. Copyright Compliance – Instructional Materials

      L. Course and Certificate Requirements

      M. Course Cancellation

      N. Course Syllabus Requirements

      O. Credit Course Offerings at Regional Campuses/Centers

      P. Credit Transfer Agreements with Four-Year Institutions

      Q. Curriculum Documentation

      R. Curriculum Sharing and Sales

      S. Degree, Diploma, and Apprenticeship Program Requirements

      T. Donations to Fox Valley Technical College

      U. Grading System

      V. Graduation Requirements for Degree and Diploma Programs

      W. Guarantees for Educational Programming

      Honorary Degrees

      Y. Instructional Field Trips

      Z. Inter-District Protocol for Contract Services

      AA. International Studies

      BB. Products and Services Provided by the District

      CC. Programming for High School Students
      • Confidentiality of Student Records
      • Reporting Suspected Abuse
      DD. Associate Degree and Technical Diploma Program Evaluation

      EE. Readiness Assessment for Program Coursework

      FF. Rights to Professional Publications, Presentations, and Inventions

      GG. Shared Programs with Other Technical Colleges

      HH. Student Attendance in Program Courses

      II. Student Evaluation of Instruction

      JJ. Textbooks/Workbooks/Materials

      LL. Transfer Credit

      MM. Use of Instructional Equipment

      VI. Students
      A. Code of Conduct – Students

      B. Computing Resources – Acceptable Use of
      • Prohibited Conduct
      • Sharing of Accounts
      • Commercial Use Is Prohibited
      • Violations of Electronic Privacy
      • Interference with Computer Use or Operations
      • Recognition of Copyrights
      • Personal Responsibility for Online Statements
      • Disciplinary Action
      D. Discrimination Grievance Procedure (Students)

      E. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Compliance

      F. Fee Structure for Out-of-State and International Students

      G. Financial Aid – Satisfactory Progress to Qualify

      I. Liability for Student Life Activities

      J. Program Fee Remission for Children and Spouses of Correctional Officers, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

      J.1. Printing and Copying

      K. Religious Accommodations - Students

      Searches, Interrogations, and Interviews of High School-Age Students by Non-School Personnel

      M. Student E-mail

      Student Finance
      • Fees
      • Payment
      • Refund
      • Holds
      O. Student Support Fund (District) (under revision)

      P. Students Called to Active Military Service

      Q. Students with Disabilities

      R. Voter Registration Forms – Student Distribution

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