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In partnership with APICS, FVTC offers the APICS CSCP in an online, instructor-supported format. Interactive learning community - learn and interact with supply chain peers. Classes are scheduled to support the APICS CSCP exam windows and dates for both computer-based (North America) and pencil/paper (Outside N. America) exam options. 24/7 course access. Participants are assigned to an APICS certified instructor who supports their learning activities during the course.

Class schedule aligns with the APICS CSCP exam window.  |  2015 APICS CSCP Online Class Dates (PDF)

Why Pursue CSCP Certification?

The APICS CSCP program takes a broad view of the field, extending beyond internal operations to encompass all the steps throughout the supply chain—from the supplier, through the company, to the end consumer—and provides you with the knowledge to effectively manage the integration of these activities to maximize a company's value chain.

The CSCP body of knowledge is made up of the following four domains:

  • Supply chain management fundamentals

  • Building competitive operations, planning and logistics

  • Managing customer and supplier relationships

  • Using information technology to enable supply chain management

Business leaders benefit from a new industry education & certification credential. The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) provides business leaders with the skill set necessary to understand and manage the integration and coordination of activities with today’s increasingly complex supply chains.

Online Classroom Virtual Tour

See for yourself! Take a virtual tour of the CSCP classroom. 

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Time Commitment & Expectations

This online course is considered a public course offering. In this delivery method, students progress though the course schedule independent of each other. There are no required activities that all students must attend at any one particular point in time. In other words, you may progress at your own pace as long as you stay current with the course schedule below.

Most students will spend approximately 4 hours per week based upon the following schedule:

Class Schedule:

Week 1

Introduction Activities (Exam Registration, Pre-assessment, Initial meeting with Instructor, obtaining materials, etc.)

Week 2

Module 1, Section A - Overview of Supply Chain Management

Module 1, Sections B – Supply Chain Management Strategy

Week 3

Module 1, Section C - Managing the Supply Chain

Module 1, Section D- Improving the Supply Chain

Week 4

Module 2, Section A – Demand Planning

Module 2, Section B - Product Design Considerations

Week 5

Module 2, Section C – Manufacturing Planning & Controlling

Week 6

Module 2, Section D - Logistics

Week 7

Module 3, Section A – Relationship Management in SCM

Module 3, Section B – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Week 8

Module 3, Section C – Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Module 3, Section D – Integrated Customer/Supplier Relationship Management

Week 9

Module 4, Section A – Role of Information Technology in the Supply Chain

Module 4, Section B – ERP in Supply Chain Management

Week 10

Module 4, Section C – Innovative Technologies and Their Uses

Module 4, Section D – Using IT to Enhance Supply Chain Performance

Week 11

Module 4, Section E - e-business

Week 12

Conclusion Activities (Post-Test, Exam Preparation, etc.)

Note: Although the instructor support ends after week 12, students are given a total of 16 weeks access to this course. The last 4 weeks are designed for review or self study to prepare for the APICS exam.

Pricing Breakdown

See the attached PDF for a pricing breakdown of APICS CSCP classes.

APICS CSCP Pricing Breakdown

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Our online APICS CPIM and APICS CSCP participants span the globe. Following is a list of represented countries and regions:

Antigua  |  Argentina  |  Austria  |  Bangladesh   |  Belgium  |  Bosnia/Herzegovina  |  Brazil  |  Bulgaria  |   Canada  |  Chile  |  China  |  Colombia  |  Croatia  |  Czech Republic  |  Denmark  |  Dominican Republic  |  Ecuador  |  Egypt  |  England  |  Equatorial Guinea  |  France  |  Germany  |  Ghana  |  Great Britain  |  Guatemala  |  Hungary  |  India  |  Indonesia  |  Iraq  |  Ireland  |  Israel  |  Italy  |  Japan  |  Jordan  |  Kazakhstan  |  Kenya  |  South Korea  |  Kuwait  |  Lithuania  |  Luxembourg  |  Malaysia  |  Mexico  |  Netherlands  |  New Zealand  |  Nigeria  |  Norway  |  Pakistan  |  Peru  |  Philippines  |  Poland  |  Portugal  |  Puerto Rico  |  Romania  |  Russian Federation  |  Saudi Arabia  |  Republic of Serbia  |  Singapore  |  Slovakia  |  Slovenia  |  South Africa  |  Spain  |  Sweden  |  Switzerland  |  Taiwan  |  Thailand  |  Turkey  |  United Arab Emirates  |  United Kingdom  |  United States  |  Vietnam  |  West Indies  |  Yugoslavia 

Wherever you are, you can get started with us today.

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Are you a United States Veteran? Learn more about the benefits available to aid your CPIM/CSCP studies. Contact our Veterans Services team for more information.