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Benefit from a variety of training solutions that are available to help resolve critical employee-related issues in the workplace.
FVTC training and technical services lead to increased compliance levels, improved productivity and morale, effective human resource practices and overall employee effectiveness.


Featured Seminars

Hiring Winning Talent

Hours: 8.00

Learn how to define what you are looking for in a candidate and make the right hiring decisions that leverage knowledge, skills and culture fit. Develop and apply hiring techniques for your organization.

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Team Building by Leveraging DiSC Assessments

Hours: 4.00

Explore the DiSC personality assessment and gain insight into your personal profile. Understand how to significantly boost organizational teamwork, productivity and morale.

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Assessing Training to Assure Success

Hours: 12.00

Formalize your training expertise. Learn strategies to ensure the effectiveness of your training and your training performance.

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Delivery Strategies to Engage Learners

Hours: 12.00

Provides opportunities to practice strategies to help your training flow smoothly. Learn how to develop and use effective visual aids, practice facilitation strategies and deal with problem participants.

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Designing Training to Achieve Results

Hours: 12.00

Provides the background to create a training plan focused on participant needs. Learn how to accommodate learning styles, conduct needs assessments, outline and organize your training.

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Developing Emotional Intelligence

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $169.00

In this seminar, explore emotional intelligence, best practices and develop personalized action plans to further enhance these abilities and traits.

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Getting Started with Workplace Computers

Hours: 6.00 | Estimated Cost: $175.00

Be introduced to the basic functions and applications for personal computer use in the workplace. You'll work with basic tools, applications and browse the internet.

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Leadership Skills: Providing Performance Feedback

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $169.00

Focuses on assessing performance and using positive feedback to motivate team members. Gain team member participation and commitment to improve performance.

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Motivating and Retaining the Millennial Generation

Hours: 3.00 | Estimated Cost: $169.00

Discover the characteristics of each generational group and learn methods to manage, motivate and lead them. Apply strategies to encourage each generation to work together toward common goals and to create harmony within an organization.

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OSHA 10-Hour Voluntary Compliance: General Industry Spotlight

Hours: 10.00 | Estimated Cost: $299.00

Learn what it takes to be in compliance with the common General Industry OSHA Regulations. Receive an OSHA 10-hour card upon completion.

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Reducing Stress Using Your Myers-Briggs Personality

Hours: 3.00 | Estimated Cost: $169.00

Explore the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and take a deeper dive to apply the concepts of personality types. Learn about your personality and how to work with others, while reducing stress using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

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Train-the-Trainer Advanced

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $184.00

Share best practices with other training professionals, discuss training innovations, deliver a variety of training methods and receive feedback and strategies for improvement.

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Train-the-Trainer Certificate: A 3-module Series Series

Hours: 36.00

Learn how to develop and conduct effective training. This certificate series includes three, 2-day courses: *Designing Training to Achieve Results*, *Delivery Strategies to Engage Learners* and *Assessing Training to Assure Success*.

Seminar Series

  • Designing Training to Achieve Results
  • Delivery Strategies to Engage Learners
  • Assessing Training to Assure Success
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Train-the-Trainer: Tools for On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Hours: 6.00

Instructs participants on how to lead a training session. Includes openers, transitions, use of visual aids and dealing with problem participants.

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