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Manufacturers look to Fox Valley Technical College for training and services to improve their efficiency and competitiveness. FVTC has a vast array of expertise to help with applied manufacturing projects and strategies targeted at improving productivity and strengthening the region's manufacturing economy.

Featured Seminars

3D Printer Training

Hours: 2.00 | Estimated Cost: $50.00

Explore the 3D printer and be introduced to the FVTC Fab Lab. Create simple and fun projects using our easy-to-learn web-based software. Become certified to operate Fab Lab's 3D printer and register for our open lab and come make something!

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Electric Guitar Building

Hours: 30.00 | Estimated Cost: $299.00

Build a custom solid body electric guitar while applying science, math, design and manufacturing principles. Develop skills in design, basic math, physical science concepts, woodworking and basic electronics.

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Explore the Fab Lab

Hours: 1.00

Tour the FVTC Fab Lab to grasp a better understanding of advanced technology and how it's impacting our world.

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Fab Lab Machine Training: A 4-Module Series Series

Hours: 8.00 | Estimated Cost: $150.00

Explore the Fab Lab and learn about lab safety, operating procedures, material specifics and tools along with equipment demonstrations. Become certified to operate Fab Lab equipment and discover the 3D printer, laser engraver, ShopBot® and vinyl cutter. Then register for our open lab and come make something!

Seminar Series

  • 3D Printer Training
  • Laser Engraver Training
  • ShopBot Training
  • Vinyl Cutter Training
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How to Make Almost Anything

Hours: 15.00 | Estimated Cost: $200.00

Introduce yourself to personal fabrication in the FVTC Fab Lab. Participants will learn to use equipment found in advanced manufacturing to create, design and fabricate a project.

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Internal Auditing of Quality Systems

Hours: 7.00 | Estimated Cost: $300.00

Presents the new ISO standard and how to audit. Gain experience by applying principles using group exercises and demonstrate effective investigative audit techniques.

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Laser Engraver Training Spotlight

Hours: 2.00 | Estimated Cost: $50.00

Explore the Fab Lab and learn about the Xenetech XLT 36 x 24 laser engraver/cutter. Use materials such as acrylic, wood, glass and denim to create your designs. Become certified to operate the Fab Lab's laser engraver.

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ShopBot Training Spotlight

Hours: 2.00 | Estimated Cost: $50.00

Discover the ShopBot® and begin your journey of creating large artful masterpieces out of wood, acrylic and foam. Bring your ideas, designs, images or drawings and become certified to operate the Fab Lab's ShopBot®. Register for our open lab and come make something!

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Vinyl Cutter Training

Hours: 2.00 | Estimated Cost: $50.00

Explore the Fab Lab and learn about the Roland GX-24 vinyl cutter. Use the vinyl cutter to create stickers for automobiles, home décor, labeling and signs. Become certified to operate the Fab Lab's vinyl cutter and register for our open lab and come make something!

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You May Also Be Interested In

5S/6S in the Workplace New

Hours: 24.00 | Estimated Cost: $700.00

Teaches the concepts of sort, set in order, scrub, standardize, and sustain with a focus on safety. Participants gain an understanding of how 5S and 6S principles can improve effectiveness through simple organizational strategies. This is a hands-on program where all attendees will assist with a live 5S/6S activity.

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Basic Locksmithing

Hours: 40.00 | Estimated Cost: $1,300.00

Learn how to identify and duplicate keys, service pin and disc cylinders, read key codes and how to impression keys, set up master key systems and incorporate life safety codes into lock designs.

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Confined Space: Entry New

Hours: 8.00 | Estimated Cost: $300.00

Teaches the requirements for practices and procedures to protect employees in general industry from the hazards of entry into permit-required confined spaces.

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Establishing an Emergency Response Team

Hours: 2.00 | Estimated Cost: $59.00

Will explore how effective preparation is essential to conducting organized and thorough response operations in an emergency situation.

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Fox Cities Operational Excellence Association Complimentary

Hours: 4.00

Hear how successful companies have changed the way they look at their businesses and dramatically changed their outcomes. This is a fun and engaging discussion on a familiar principle that is often misapplied.

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Incident Investigations New

Hours: 2.00 | Estimated Cost: $59.00

Discover the requirements for practices and procedures that involve incident investigations and reporting.

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Lead-Safe Renovator Training Spotlight

Hours: 8.00 | Estimated Cost: $250.00

Satisfies the training requirement to obtain EPA Renovator Certification. Topics covered include background information on lead, health effects of exposure to lead, regulations, worksite preparation, conducting interim control and non-abatement activities, worksite clean-up and disposal.

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Lean Approach to Defining Metrics and Data Collection-6 Hr

Hours: 6.00 | Estimated Cost: $350.00

Explains how clearly stated data is the key to obtaining recognition of project success. Participants learn about the nuances of data collection and how to obtain relevant information and use it to achieve project goals. They will explore approaches to turn data collection into data connections.

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Lean Enterprise Project Certificate: 6-Course Series

Hours: 36.00 | Estimated Cost: $1,800.00

Designed for employees at all levels of an organization who want to professionalize their lean skills and apply them to business and service functions. The certificate provides mentor-guided training that allows participants to test what they've learned while relying on an expert to help plan workplace improvements. The 6-course certificate incorporates two hours of one-on-one involvement with a lean instructor to assist with a workplace project.

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OSHA 10-Hour Voluntary Compliance: General Industry

Hours: 10.00 | Estimated Cost: $299.00

Learn what it takes to be in compliance with the common General Industry OSHA Regulations. Receive an OSHA 10-hour card upon completion.

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OSHA 30-Hour: General Industry

Hours: 30.00 | Estimated Cost: $795.00

Informs general industry personnel of the administrative regulations and safety standards of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Receive an OSHA 30-hour card upon completion.

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OSHA Recordkeeping Spotlight

Hours: 2.00 | Estimated Cost: $25.00

The OSHA Recordkeeping Rule has been updated and includes new requirements effective January 1, 2015. Understand the new rules and be sure your organization is in compliance.

More Info Dates & Registration
Project Management

Hours: 6.00 | Estimated Cost: $300.00

Covers introduction to project management, project planning, project management tools and project debriefing. Explains the importance of project management for the current project team and fosters learning in the organization for future projects.

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Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Hours: 90.00 | Estimated Cost: $2,500.00

Provides all the background and tools needed to be a Six Sigma Green Belt, including an applied project. Basic quality tools, basic statistics, advanced statistical tools, the DMAIC process and group facilitation are some of the many topics covered. Completion of Green Belt Project is also required to fulfill certificate requirements.

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Supervision Series

Hours: 18.00 | Estimated Cost: $650.00

Improve your performance as a front-line supervisor or shop manager. Provides new and experienced supervisors the tools they need to motivate, communicate and direct their teams to meet organizational goals. These sessions are designed for all industries, including production, machine, maintenance and automotive shops.

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Understanding OSHA Lockout Requirements New

Hours: 2.00 | Estimated Cost: $59.00

Learn about the Lockout Standard in detail, safe work practices and how companies can prevent lockout related injuries and OSHA citations.

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