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Leading Virtual Employees

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $184.00

Cultivating a virtual team requires a framework for meeting goals, an open exchange of ideas and information to strengthen engagement, and ongoing coaching. Current research about virtual teams and their leaders reveals that breakdowns in a dispersed team often stem from lack of planning or from communication that fails to encourage dialog. Based on this reality, 'Leading Virtually: A Framework for Results' has been developed as a program to enhance leadership skills that will maximize the performance of virtual work groups. It focuses on two key elements for leadership success: group cohesion and individual commitment.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Cultivating a successful virtual team & what that looks like
  • Communicating successfully in a virtual or long-distance environment
  • Enhancing leadership skills to maximize the team's performance & cohesion
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Maximize the two key elements for leading a virtual team, group cohesion & individual commitment
  • Enhance the performance of virtual work groups
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