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Tools for Talent Development

Hours: 3.00

Employees in today’s workforce must possess a diverse range of skills in order to rise to the top. During these complimentary sessions, you will learn hard and soft skills to help you grow and succeed in your career. Fox Valley Technical College has the tools to develop the talent of your workforce!

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Learn About
  • Training tools to develop workforce talent
  • Developing hard and soft skills to help you grow professionally
  • Workforce development solutions
  • Leadership, management and interpersonal skills that drive company growth
Session Options

***Training Session 1:***

**Attention Management: Dealing with Distractions**

*Presented By: Judy Ruhl, FVTC Management Development*

One of the greatest challenges leaders face today is the quantity of demands on them. We are bombarded with stimuli from all direction with multiple devices, apps and information services all demanding our attention. Discover organizational skills to help you get more results out of your day.

*Learn About:*

  • Selecting among competing priorities
  • Identifying priority roles of your life
  • Categorizing your time based on priorities and immediacy

**Making Social Media Work for Your Business**

*Presented By: Josh Dukelow, FVTC Key Account Manager*

Social media is everywhere, and it can work for your business or against it. Like many other tools, you need the right tool for the job and it is only effective if you use it correctly. In this engaging session, we will explore the various platforms, how they differ, and gain insights about best practices for using each one. See how you can harness the power of this emerging technology.

*Learn About:*

  • Various social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Rules of the road for which platform works for which business purpose
  • How to maximize your profile and posts to reach your goals
  • Handling negative interactions and using social media to generate repeat customers

**Working Remotely**

*Presented By: Stephanie Biro, Technical Training Consultant*

Digital documents are the backbone of the workplace. They are the tools used to store data, conduct analysis and communicate ideas and outcomes within almost every business. The variety of both hardware and software used by businesses has never been greater. Discover how to be on-task while away from the office.

*Learn About:*

  • Downloading a FREE version of office on your home PC
  • Accessing your files no matter where you are with internet availability
  • Using office apps on your tablet or smart phone
  • Note-taking and information management on OneNote
  • Working with Skype for Business

***Training Session 2:***

**Netiquette & Written Communication in the Digital Age**

*Presented By: Nate Thomas, FVTC Communication Skills Instructor*

With the focus today on electronic communication, it's ever more critical to communicate our message in clear, concise ways that allow for maximum receptivity by our audience whether that be an audience of one, twenty, or fifty people at a time. In this session, we'll use hands-on activities to explore and emphasize the importance of concise wording and phrasing, using direct and indirect approaches to writing. We'll also review commonly accepted protocol around electronic communication, as well as some tips for maximizing our effectiveness in this area.

*Learn About:*

  • Clear concise messaging and phrasing
  • Netiquette guidelines and best practices in electronic communication
  • Business texting protocol to follow with customers, vendors and suppliers

**Project Collaboration & Management Leading Virtually**

*Presented By: Judy Ruhl, FVTC Management Development*

Communication takes on a whole new meaning when you're not face-to-face with your team members. Project collaboration and management has always been an integral part of the workplace. In today's world, employees are required to collaborate on projects both across departments and remotely. With the right tools and methods, leading virtually can build a truly effective and successful long-distance team.

*Learn About:*

  • Communicating successfully in a virtual or long-distance environment
  • Creating a team remotely

**Business Research Tips**

*Presented By: Val Magno, FVTC Library Services*

Decisions should be based on reliable information. Where do you look for information? How do you know if the information is worthwhile? This presentation will give you the basics.

*Learn About:*

  • Using search engines effectively
  • Finding useful data to support your needs
  • Evaluating the information you find
Event Agenda

***8:00 - 8:20 AM***

Networking & Registration

***8:20 - 9:20 AM***

Training Session 1

***9:30 - 10:30 AM***

Training Session 2

***10:30 AM***

Departure or Tour of FVTC Student Success Center & KI Rooms *(Optional)*

Benefits & Outcomes
  • These sample offerings are brief complimentary sessions which provide a sampling of strategies and offerings
  • Networking
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