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Lean Enterprise Project Certificate: 5-Course Series

The Lean Enterprise Project Certificate is designed for employees at all levels of an organization who want to professionalize their lean skills and apply them to business and service functions. The certificate provides mentor-guided training that allows participants to test what they’ve learned while relying on an expert to help plan workplace improvements. The 5-course certificate incorporates two hours of one-on-one involvement with a lean instructor to assist with a workplace project. Modules include: ‘Lean Overview-Learning to See’ • ‘Lean Culture & Value Stream Mapping’ • ‘Rapid Improvement Event Preparation & Facilitation’ • ‘Standard Work & Visual Management’ • 'Lean Project & Instructor Support’.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Lean as a systematic approach to eliminating waste
  • How cultural support and value stream mapping sets the stage for lean
  • Creating process changes through rapid improvement activities
  • Achieving a lean environment using standard work practices
  • Applying skills to a workplace lean implementation
Module Options

**Module 1:** Lean Overview -- Learning to See

  • Introduces a systematic way to eliminate waste
  • Learn lean basics and common terminology
  • Identify and understand value from the customers perspective and eight wastes

**Module 2:** Lean Culture & Value Stream Mapping

  • Explore how value stream mapping & culture sets the stage for lean implementation
  • Address why lean transformation requires creating, building & sustaining an organization-wide improvement environment

**Module 3:** Rapid Improvement Event Preparation & Facilitation

  • Be introduced to elements of preparing for and running a lean improvement event
  • Understand roles and data gathering strategies

**Module 4:** Standard Work & Visual Management

  • Develop skills to successfully use standard work and visual management to see variation

**Module 5:** Lean Project & Instructor Support

  • Scope and implement a workplace project with two hours of instructor support
  • Project presentation includes all phases from project selection to results
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