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Basic Flexo

Hours: 30.00 | Estimated Cost: $995.00

This seminar provides the basic information necessary for the production of quality flexographic printing. Instruction consists of lectures, demonstrations, field trips and actual operation of machinery in the various subject areas. All seminar instructors are experienced in flexographic or related industries.

Register early! Seminar limited to 16 people.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Flexographic art and copy
  • Line, tone and process printing
  • Prepress functions
  • Rubber printing plates
  • Photopolymer printing plates
  • Mounting and proofing
  • Mechanical press components
  • Press operation
  • Anilox rolls
  • Flexographic inks, solvents and substrates
  • Printing problems
Target Audience

This is an excellent seminar for anyone who needs to understand the basics of package and label printing, the processes involved and the equipment used in today's modern printing and converting operations. It is ideal for new production employees, people wishing to move up to a press operator position, customer service, technical sales, converting machine operators, maintenance mechanics and ink technicians.

Instructor & Presenter Bios

[**Mark Keller,**]( Flexographic Printing Instructor, started employment at FVTC in 1995. Completed Flexographic Printing Program in 1987. Seven years of flexographic printing experience with Belmark Inc. Mark is very active in the industry via board and committee membership and often judges printing competitions. He specializes in seminars, workshops and testing and trial runs for business and industry.

[**Dan Muthig,**]( Package and Label Printing Instructor, 11 years with FVTC and 12 years of Flexographic experience with Belmark Corporation. Dan has extensive experience in both pre-press and press and also specializes in seminars, workshops, testing and trial runs for business and industry.

Event Agenda

**Day 1**

  • Introduction to Flexo
  • Basics of Flexo Reproduction
  • Sleeve Systems and Ink Transfer Principles

**Day 2**

  • Anilox Rolls
  • Flexo Industry Tour
  • Industry Tours

**Day 3**

  • Breakout Sessions *(Participants will be separated into three groups to rotate every two hours)*
  • Session One: Mounting and Proofing Demo
  • Session Two: Platemaking Demo
  • Session Three: Press Operation Demo

**Day 4**

  • Flexographic Printing Inks
  • Review and Evaluations
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