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Venture Center, Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Venture Center Seminar

Small business and entrepreneurs are the backbone of a growing economy and critically important to the Fox Valley region. Fox Valley Technical College and the Venture Center are committed to servicing the needs of small and emerging businesses with affordable training and technical assistance. FVTC works in partnership with other organizations and small businesses to ensure services address the critical needs of start-ups and small employers.

Featured Seminars

E-seed Co-Creation: Bring Entrepreneurship to Your Community

Hours: 16.00

Bring entrepreneurship training to your community. This train-the-trainer model will teach you how to instruct an e-seed entrepreneurial training session.

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E-seed: Entrepreneurship Training

Hours: 39.00 | Estimated Cost: $850.00

E-seed™ provides practical tools to prepare a business plan that can be applied immediately to your start-up or existing business. Gain awareness and expand your entrepreneurial and small business skills with these hands-on and interactive series.

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Explore Business Model Design Complimentary

Hours: 1.50

Learn to design a business model that empowers your product, service and/or technology. Hear from small business owners who have experienced real results using business model design tools, techniques and resources.

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Explore Starting A Business Spotlight

Hours: 3.00

Explores key factors in starting a business. Examines how to begin to determine if you have a feasible idea and learn about potential funding sources and additional entrepreneurship training opportunities.

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Marketing Made Lean

Hours: 16.00 | Estimated Cost: $249.00

Solidify your value proposition and align products/services with meeting customer’s needs, wants or jobs to be done. Identify current and potential customer segments, and learn to identify customers based on the 80/20 Principle to your marketing resources while driving sales and profits. Explore and develop your marketing channels and create customer service strategies.

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Pro-Seed™: Business Model Design

Hours: 20.00 | Estimated Cost: $800.00

Create new business models that drive growth for your existing business. Look at your business with a different perspective and identify and create the systems your business needs to thrive. Pro-Seed provides the tools, technology and insight so you can transform the way you do business.

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Solopreneurship: 7 Steps to Success New

Hours: 10.00 | Estimated Cost: $199.00

Provides an introduction to the seven (7) principles that entrepreneurs use to define their profile and achieve both creative and financial success. Through a guided facilitation process, participants will clearly define their idea, create a unique value proposition and develop a business mindset.

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You May Also Be Interested In

Basic Locksmithing

Hours: 40.00 | Estimated Cost: $1,300.00

Learn how to identify and duplicate keys, service pin and disc cylinders, read key codes and how to impression keys, set up master key systems and incorporate life safety codes into lock designs.

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Explore the Fab Lab Spotlight

Hours: 1.50

Tour the FVTC Fab Lab to grasp a better understanding of advanced technology and how it's impacting our world.

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Fab Lab Machine Training: A 4-Module Series Series

Hours: 8.00 | Estimated Cost: $150.00

Explore the Fab Lab and learn about lab safety, operating procedures, material specifics and tools along with equipment demonstrations. Become certified to operate Fab Lab equipment and discover the 3D printer, laser engraver, ShopBot® and vinyl cutter. Then register for our open lab and come make something!

Seminar Series

  • 3D Printer Training
  • Laser Engraver Training
  • ShopBot Training
  • Vinyl Cutter Training
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Financial Skills for Non-Financial Managers New

Hours: 6.00 | Estimated Cost: $205.00

Learn the principles and concepts of using financial statements. Discuss basic accounting principles and how these principles affect financial statements.

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Getting Started with LinkedIn for Business New

Hours: 2.00 | Estimated Cost: $69.00

Be introduced to LinkedIn and use this powerful social media platform to integrate and apply quality marketing/public relations strategies.

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QuickBooks 2013-Level 1

Hours: 6.00 | Estimated Cost: $175.00

Learn QuickBooks fundamentals to record and track business transactions.

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QuickBooks 2013-Level 2

Hours: 6.00 | Estimated Cost: $175.00

Explore how to customize forms, create and modify reports, and track and pay sales tax. Learn how to use QuickBooks to write letters and synchronize QuickBooks with other contact management software.

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