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Explore the range of training, seminar and assessment services for the full spectrum of the transportation industry. Topic areas include automotive technologies, collision repair and estimating, decision driving skills, aviation, motorcycle, truck driving, and tractor and farm equipment. The J.J. Keller Transportation Center provides an environment conducive to both instructor-led and hands-on training while industry experts work with you to customize content and delivery on transportation topics.

Featured Seminars

CDAT Advanced Structural Repairs

Hours: 24

Gain knowledge of anchoring and pulling methods, sequence of repair, and acceptable repairs. Review measuring and analyzing damage to chassis and steering/suspension components, and repair/replacement procedures of structural components.

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CDAT Advanced Vehicle Systems Estimating

Hours: 24

Designed for insurance appraisers and shop estimators who need to accurately identify vehicle damage resulting from collision or other mishap. Hands-on application of information and vehicle repair will be included.

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CDAT Heavy Truck Estimating

Hours: 40

Focuses on the estimating of heavy trucks including semi-tractors, trailers, dump trucks and other specialty hauling vehicles. Participants will understand choices of repair to enable accurate estimate writing using FVTC's fleet of heavy equipment.

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CDAT Intro-to-Estimating Spotlight

Hours: 30

Focuses on the parts identification and how it relates to the estimating process in the collision and insurance industry. Provides a good working knowledge of how to estimate and understand the different automotive systems when the automobile is involved in an accident.

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CDAT Non-Structural Repair Decisions

Hours: 40

Learn and perform metal preparation, review paint and materials, and complete plastic repairs. Understand the repair times and communicate effectively with the collision industry.

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CDAT Problem Alignment

Hours: 16

Focuses on steering/suspension components, collision/wear characteristics, design/engineer functions and variations. Review typical problem alignment causes and repair solutions. Learn to utilize primary and secondary angles to identify component damage and/or structural misalignment.

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DOT A to Z Workshop (2-day): In-Depth Training on DOT Rules and Regulations Spotlight

Hours: 16

Review the latest Federal Motor Carrier Safety and DOT regulations to eliminate all the guesswork. Get the information you need to work with DOT regulations.

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DOT Annual Inspection Certification Training

Hours: 8

Review the proper techniques and criteria for performing annual inspections. Learn the importance of proper vehicle maintenance and inspections and discuss what should be included in setting up a good PM program, program audits, record keeping and increased mechanic productivity.

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New Technology for the Damage Appraiser

Hours: 24

Provides the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions when assessing damage to vehicles with modern construction materials. We'll review many of the new driver convenience systems, driver assistance systems and added safety features, along with an overview of the collision repair processes that each involves.

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Train-the-Trainer: Truck Drivers New

Hours: 40

Designed to help trucking firms address critical driver shortages facing the industry, this five-day series provides trainers with the knowledge and skills necessary to set up and conduct training for both novice and experienced drivers. Trainers successfully completing the series work one-on-one with new drivers in the workplace to make them a safe, integral part of the company's driving force.

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OSHA Forklift & Lift Truck Training: Classroom

Hours: 3

OSHA's Forklift Rule requires operators of powered industrial trucks to be trained in their safe operation. The training must consist of classroom and hands-on instruction that is worksite and vehicle specific. This seminar, coupled with individual operator evaluation, meets OSHA standards.

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OSHA Forklift & Lift Truck Training: Hands-On

Hours: 1.5

Provides hands-on instruction that is delivered in a class 4, internal combustion lift truck solid tire. Complete the hands-on and classroom training and receive a certificate of completion.

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OSHA Forklift Safety: Training-the-Trainer 4 hr Spotlight

Hours: 4

Designed for those who need to train employees on how to safely and properly operate powered industrial trucks and forklifts. Be sure you're in compliance with OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck Operator training requirements.

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Shop Managers' Supervision Series

Hours: 18

Improve your performance as a front-line supervisor or shop manager. Provides new and experienced supervisors the tools they need to motivate, communicate and direct their teams to meet organizational goals. These sessions are designed for all industries, including production, machine, maintenance and automotive shops.

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