AI’s Role in Workforce Training

AI’s Role in Workforce Training

Discussion examines how AI will impact training future workers

| By: Daley-Hinkens, Carmelyn M

Wisconsin is the latest state to announce the creation of a task force to study how artificial intelligence (AI) impacts the workforce.  

The group will be made up of state and local government leaders, and representatives from business, technology and educational institutions, including the Wisconsin Technical College System.

WBAY-TV recently asked Fox Valley Technical College how AI may impact training in the classroom. Elizabeth Jones, manager of Instructional Excellence explained the college uses feedback from local employers to review classes and look for ways to adjust curriculum as needed.

“For example, we have an IT coding class where there are forms of AI that can now produce software code,” Elizabeth explains. “That doesn’t mean we’re going to get rid of our coding class. It means those classes are still going to teach the basics, but it also frees up the instructors to be able to focus on critical thinking.

“In manufacturing where the faculty may have always focused on the essentials, and they still do, but knowing that AI might be able to take over some of the more repetitive aspects of a particular job, the faculty can now focus on things like troubleshooting and strategic thinking.”

How else could the growth of AI impact the college classroom?

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