Celebrating our Graduates: Emily Gauthier

Celebrating our Graduates: Emily Gauthier

| By: Haase, Elijah D

Career Program: Medical Assistant
Originally From: Appleton
Current Residence: Neenah
Age: 30
Attended FVTC: Fall 2021 - Fall 2022




Why did you choose to study this field?

Prior to entering the Medical Assistant program, I was in a completely different career in the education field. In that field, I was the leader, but as I have grown and learned more about myself while attending the Medical Assistant program, I've discovered I actually prefer to follow strong leaders. This was a good wake-up call for me to determine my strengths. As a Medical Assistant, I hope to help make clinic visits a positive experience for others by bringing a bright, positive energy to the patients who come to the clinic for their wellness checks.

Tell us how you came to choose FVTC for your education.

One of the biggest reasons I chose Fox Valley Technical College was the cost—it is so affordable! I had also taken a Spanish class here a year prior to starting my program and I loved the size of the classes and the size of the campus.

What's been the most rewarding part of your educational journey at FVTC?

I've discovered my abilities as a student! In high school, I had a minimal grade point average and didn't apply myself. As I have grown older, I have discovered what study skills work best for me and I was able to achieve my first 4.0 at Fox Valley Technical College. This was a big accomplishment. I also always felt supported by my classmates and teachers, but most importantly I felt like I was most supportive of myself.

What was the most difficult part?

I think the most difficult part tied into what was the most rewarding part. I had to apply myself fully to school and couldn't have many outside distractions. This last semester was a lot of work. The content itself was interesting, but the course load was difficult because we had to complete 16 weeks’ worth of work in only 10 weeks.

What will you do on graduation day or in the future to celebrate graduation?

Having my fiancé at graduation is going to be so important to me. He has been my number one supporter throughout this journey and having him by my side is the best part of all of this!

Tell us about your plans after graduation.

I will be working as a Medical Assistant at Aurora Medical Center in Oshkosh, where I am completing my practicum experience. I am very grateful for the opportunity and position I am in!

One last parting thought or words of wisdom to share with others.

You can do things that are difficult. Put yourself in positions that scare you but will make you grow. Try to take as many opportunities as you can to experience and learn new things in your chosen career/educational field.