Demand for eLearning Grows in the Workforce

Demand for eLearning Grows in the Workforce

High-tech workplace training options becoming the norm

| By: Daley-Hinkens, Carmelyn M

Since 1999, employers have been tapping into the college’s eLearning & Technology Solutions team to design customized programs to help onboard, train and grow their workforce.

Recently, Insight on Manufacturing explored the growing demand for customized training. Especially since the pandemic, employers are looking to technology to help them train their workforce on such things as automation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

But as employers and the eLearning team are learning, the idea of using a step-by-step instruction manual is becoming outdated. Instead, employers are asking for more technology-driven, hands-on training options such as simulations. 

“In a normal circumstance, employees come on board to learn how to operate these machines and they have to take the machine down from production while they’re training,” explains Jay Stulo, director of eLearning & Technology Solutions. “They waste product as they’re learning. Whether you use VR or some other type of simulation, they can train anywhere for as long as they want at no cost of product, without taking the line down. One of our partners recently shared that it reduced their training time by 50%.”


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