Dr. Chris Matheny Honored by National PTK

Dr. Chris Matheny Honored by National PTK

Honor society selects Dr. Matheny for Paragon President Award

| By: Daley-Hinkens, Carmelyn M

Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society has selected FVTC President Dr. Chris Matheny as a 2024 recipient of its Paragon Award for New Presidents.

The award recognizes new college presidents for their outstanding support of student success as well as championing an educational experience that creates pathways to degree completion, transfer options and employment.

To be eligible for this award, college presidents are new in their role, having served less than three years. Recipients are nominated by PTK students on their campus, making it a particularly meaningful honor.

“I am humbled to be selected as a recipient of the Paragon Award, especially because of the role our Phi Theta Kappa student members at Fox Valley Technical College had in nominating me for this honor,” Dr. Matheny says. “This award reflects both the College and our PTK students’ commitment to excellence in education and empowering others for future success. I am proud of the dedicated FVTC staff who work diligently every day to provide opportunities for our students who apply themselves every day in our classrooms, labs and fieldwork. PTK students are models for what successful students look like today and in the future.”

 PTK is an honor society recognizing the academic achievement of students attending associate degree-granting colleges. It is made up of more than 1,300 chapters in 11 countries and has 3.8 million members.

FVTC’s Beta Epsilon Omicron Chapter started in 1997 and 652 current students are members. Sarah Rivet, department chair for Professional Communications and PTK adviser will go with several students in April to PTK Catalyst 2024, the Society’s annual convention in Orlando, Florida, where Dr. Matheny will receive his honor.

“I am proud of our students’ initiative in nominating Dr. Matheny for this prestigious award,” Sarah explains. “This award not only reflects the exceptional leadership of our president but also speaks volumes about the impact his leadership has on our students. Dr. Matheny’s support of Phi Theta Kappa is a testament to his unwavering commitment to student success, both inside and outside of the classroom. I am so grateful to work with Dr. Matheny, and I am proud he will be recognized for his dedication to our students at the national level.”

Excerpt of PTK students’ submission:

By supporting and contributing to the awareness of PTK, Dr. Matheny has allowed students to take an interest in Phi Theta Kappa and its values. He has volunteered his personal time to attend and speak at the induction ceremonies to celebrate, congratulate, and honor new members of Phi Theta Kappa for their commitment and accomplishments. Dr. Matheny provides individuals attending the ceremony with genuine appreciation and honor. This is an incredible way to communicate with members of the campus and spread the great word about Phi Theta Kappa to other individuals who would be interested in participating in the group. Dr. Matheny recognizes hard work, passion, leadership, and kindness which allows students to truly feel appreciated and seen. If you ever meet Dr. Matheny, it will very quickly be obvious the pride he has in the students of PTK.