Heavy-Duty Operations

Kyle Kollmann

Heavy-Duty Operations

Diesel Equipment Technology program prepares Kyle Kollmann to assume the family business

| By: Britten, Casey

Kyle Kollmann knows diesel equipment.  

With parents who own and operate a trucking company—Oakfield-based Kollmann Trucking—and uncles who own a farm, he grew up surrounded by large equipment. “I suppose one could say diesel runs in my blood,” says Kyle.  

So when it came time to learn a skill after high school, he chose to build on what he knew: he enrolled in the Diesel Equipment Technology program at Fox Valley Technical College, and felt at home right away in the Diesel lab.  

“The equipment in the Diesel program is state-of-the-art,” he explains. “From the four-post truck lift to torque wrenches and everything in between, we can focus on our work and have exactly what we need to learn correctly. Fixing equipment and understanding how something operates is an important aspect of ownership of any scale.” 

The 65-credit associate degree program provides in-depth theory and extensive hands-on training in heavy-duty diesel engine maintenance, air brake and hydraulic brake systems, drivetrains, steering and suspensions, and electrical systems. Students also learn about engine systems, computer control systems and advanced drivetrain systems while they work on a fleet of more than 75 diesel-powered over-the-road tractors and 55 trailers, courtesy of the FVTC Truck Driving program.  

Kyle loves the learning atmosphere. “The instructors are excellent, and they’re always open to discussion, allowing learning to take place. Having classes with like-minded people is also a great way to network. Plus, the campus is clean and welcoming, and the FVTC community is large and willing to help in any way.” 

In addition to school, Kyle also works as a service technician at Fox Valley Truck in Appleton, where he plans to stay for a few years after he graduates in August 2024. His end goal: “To move back home and take over the family trucking company.”  

100% graduate employment 6 months after graduation for Diesel Equipment Technology grads