Hands-On in the Real World

Luis Leon

Hands-On in the Real World

Fall 2021

Marketing program requires a hands-on internship in the employment sector.

Luis Leon of Shiocton understands the value of hands-on training, even when that training extends beyond the classroom. 

“Everything I’ve learned at FVTC, I am already using at work,” Luis says.

Graduating this December, Luis completed an internship as part of the curriculum in his Marketing program. When his internship at Performance Pallet in Seymour ended, he was offered a full-time marketing associate position.

“The internship started in HR & Safety,” Luis explains. “Now as a full-time marketing associate, I create marketing materials for our Sales team so we can expand our reach.” 

Luis is the first high school graduate and soon-to-be first college graduate in his family. 

“I chose the associate degree route because I knew I’d get straight into my program,” Luis says. “I may go back for a bachelor’s degree one day. But I’m already working and using everything my instructors taught me.”

Being bilingual, Luis saves his employer time and money by creating marketing content in both English and Spanish. “I write everything in English and then translate it to Spanish myself, instead of seeking another source to provide the translation.”


Published: Nov 10, 2021

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