New Program Addresses Gap in the Classroom

New Program Addresses Gap in the Classroom

FVTC program prepares students for teaching positions

| By: Daley-Hinkens, Carmelyn M

Even before the pandemic began, Wisconsin school districts struggled with staff shortages. But the gap became more glaring in recent weeks as some schools have had to cancel classes due to critical staffing levels.

Recognizing this shortage in the classroom, Fox Valley Technical College recently launched the Foundations of Teacher Education program. The associate degree program prepares students for paraprofessional positions, licenses them for substitute teaching roles and positions them to continue on for a bachelor’s degree in education if desired. The first cohort began this past fall and starting in fall of ’22, FVTC will offer dual credit classes in the program to high school students.

“It’s really important to get high school students aware of the opportunities for them and get them excited for the profession,” said Trent Sorensen, associate dean of Service. “There are lots of careers where they need people, but this is a very rewarding profession for them to be able to get into.”

Trent recently joined WBAY to provide insight into the program. Watch here >>