Our Students' Skills on National Stage

| By: Anonym

Fox Valley Technical College students earned recognition for their skills at the 49th Annual National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City, sponsored by SkillsUSA

Five students earned top 10 finishes, including two gold medal first-place awards, out of nearly 6,000 competing students representing 98 leadership and skills competitions overall at the conference. The college’s winners included Josh Buechel, 10th place in Marine Technology, Ron Aper, 9th place in Power Equipment Technology, and Melissa Scheuerman, 7th place in Auto Refinishing.

The first-place winners were Dave Krier from Yourr Electric in the Electrical Construction Wiring competition and Cody Birschback from Kollmann Reilley Electric in the category of Industrial Motor Control.

Each year, all national-level SkillsUSA students have to earn their way to the event by winning first-place in respective categories at the state SkillsUSA competitions. SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry professionals who work together to develop a skilled workforce for careers of the 21st Century.

Congratulations, FVTC students!