When Timing is Everything

Alex Skibicki

When Timing is Everything

Scholarship helps Alex Skibicki build a career in Residential Building Construction

| By: Daley-Hinkens, Carmelyn M

It’s clear Alex Skibicki doesn’t like to waste time.

After graduating from Amherst High School last May, Alex was undecided about his future so he took a summer job in construction. Quickly realizing he liked the work but needed more training, he enrolled in the college’s Residential Building Construction program. 

“I started classes in August and we were on-site within the first week,” Alex says. “We finished the exterior on our home by winter break.”

Moving just as swiftly, the FVTC Foundation, Inc. eased some of Alex’s financial burden by awarding him a Residential Building Construction scholarship during his first semester. And while Alex’s college journey started quickly, he slowed things down by choosing Fox Valley Tech for his training.

“When I researched, I found some programs were one or two semesters, but I chose FVTC because it’s a three-semester program,” Alex explains. “I wanted more time in a program because I knew it would be more in-depth and I’d have more time to learn from the instructors.

“Even with the longer program, I’ll be done in August and I’ll be trained to go right back into the workforce.”   

Yet another example that Alex doesn’t like to waste time.

FVTC Foundation, Inc. by the numbers in 2021:

354 scholarship funds

1,133 students received scholarships

$816,789 total scholarships awarded

 $10 million+ total scholarships awarded since inception

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