Fab Lab

at Fox Valley Technical College

Welcome to the workshop of the future designed to connect people and their ideas to the world! With the Fab Lab, you can create, collaborate, learn and build just about anything you can imagine. The Fab Lab connects users around the globe with common tools and platforms to facilitate the exchange of ideas and designs. 

What is the Fab Lab?

The Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory) is a unique learning center that enhances student classes and provides an outreach program in the Fox Valley. Local schools join the Fab Lab in creating and constructing projects that relate to their curriculum and learn science, technology, engineering, arts and math along the way. The Fab Lab gives students the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other Fab Labs around the world.

FVTC’s Fab Lab is also available to businesses and community members to assist in product research and prototype development. If you're in need of a workshop environment to flesh our ideas and inventions, and the proper tools to create mock-ups before you begin the prototyping process, the Fab Lab is the place.

What is the Fab Lab Network?

FVTC is part of a global network managed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Bits and Atoms. This collaborative network integrates users around the world with common tools and platforms to facilitate the exchange of ideas and designs. The worldwide network is comprised of educational, research, public sector and business institutions.

Outreach and STEAM Initiative

FVTC’s Fab Lab works with area schools to engage students with creative projects that use manufacturing and technology skills, engineering tools and independent thinking. Students can explore or imagine their own projects as they are guided through the world of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM).

Projects include subjects like computer information systems, physical computing, engineering, design and more, all while encouraging students towards higher education and STEAM related fields.

To discuss partnering with FVTC’s Fab Lab, at one of our locations or at your school, please contact Dale Walker at walkerd@fvtc.edu or 920-735-2571.

Invention Development

Take your idea, invention or design from your imagination, back of a napkin or your garage to a virtual prototype. Whether you require assistance with the innovative process, market research or ideation, the Fab Lab provides you or your company with the tools necessary to drive the innovation process or accelerate your invention development timeline.

Take advantage of our resources and knowledge to drive innovation in your company and provide affordable, no-nonsense solutions to early stage product development. Contact us today for more information!