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Landscape Maintenance Technician

20-001-5 Certificate (C) 16 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Once a landscape design is planted and established, landscape maintenance technicians keep the plants healthy and looking beautiful. This certificate program equips you with the best practices of the industry and gives you experience using cutting-edge equipment and technology. You’ll get plenty of hands-on experience learning the skills to diagnose and treat plant problems.


Course Title
Course Number
Ornamental Plant Health Care
Emphasizes identification of and control of insects and diseases, with a focus on plant health care and maintenance. An integrated pest management approach in diagnosing pest problems and the control of pests using biological culture, physical and chemical applications will be included. Calibrations, laws, regulations, safety and ecological impact are also covered. Training and testing for the Wisconsin commercial pesticide Applicator Exam Category 3.0 Landscape and Turf is part of this course.
Woody Ornamental Plant ID
Explains plant classification and identification techniques. Students will utilize these techniques to properly name and identify commonly used deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs. Culture and care will also be discussed.
OPE Operation & Maintenance
Focuses on maintaining and operating skid steer loads, forklifts, till-handlers, turf mowing equipment and landscape equipment. The course provides operators' certification. Safety glasses are required.
Landscape Plants, Maintenance of
Studies the maintenance and care of woody plants, including evergreens, vines, garden flowers, bulbs and nursery stock. Discusses pruning, training, fertilizing, watering, planting, physical and chemical control of plant growth, transplanting, winterizing, weed control and production.
Survey of Herbaceous Plants
Studies commonly used annual, bulb and perennial herbaceous plants, with an emphasis on their use in the landscape, culture and care.
Plant Diagnostics
Covers the science of making proper diagnoses of plant insects and disease problems and appropriate control strategies. Students will learn the difference between signs and symptoms and identification of problem plants.

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