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Natural Food Production Technician

20-006-4 Certificate (C) 8 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Whether you want to produce food for yourself or for others, you’ll find this certificate will give you the skills you need. You’ll learn how to use sustainable practices for soil and water, as well as producing meat and growing produce. Courses include everything from soil building to the business aspects of growing food.


Course Title
Course Number
Soil Building
Covers sustainable processes of changing the soil to include composting, lasagna gardening, and soil fertility. Students will experience hands-on methods for building soil organic matter, changing soil structure, and retaining soil nutrients.
Water & Energy Consumption Fundamentals
Introduces students to the basics of water quality, irrigation, and conservation practices. It explores alternative energy methods used in growing produce and raising livestock with an emphasis on economics.
Growing Produce
Covers basic plant growth processes from vegetables to cover crops, along with propagation methods to include seed harvesting. Vegetables will be grown, maintained, and harvested using a tactical experience of managing garden plots.
Poultry Production & Processing
Covers selecting, raising, and processing practices of poultry with a focus on free range and sustainability. The course will also include discussions and demonstrations regarding management practices with other animals such as beef, pigs, and horses. The course utilizes hands-on training with local livestock.
Produce Processing and Preparation
Provides students with instruction and demonstration on proper harvesting methods for optimal flavor and nutritional value. Students will learn easy cooking methods that will focus on utilizing their harvest. Preservation methods of canning, freezing, and drying will also be presented.
Business, Direct Marketing and Public Relations
Explores methods for starting a sustainable consumables production business with an emphasis on Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The class covers concepts of marketing, distribution, and public relations. Instruction includes visiting various direct marketing locations and local farm markets.

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