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Entrepreneurship, Business Owners'

20-145-2 Certificate (C) 18 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Locations*: Appleton, Oshkosh

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Whether you already own a business or are in the planning stages, this certificate program will help you move forward. Learn how to conduct market research and formulate a sales strategy. You’ll also build your business and management skills by gaining knowledge in advertising, Internet marketing, sales promotion and public relations.


Course Title
Course Number
Digital Marketing
Introduces principles and best practices for digital and interactive marketing, and online marketing strategies. Focusing on Web site development and analysis, students gain an understanding and appreciation of the importance and relevance of the Internet/Web as a marketing tool in the increasingly competitive marketplace.
Intro to Sales
Examines the basic concepts and principles of sales as they apply to retailing. It includes wholesaling and industrial selling, the function of selling in business and living, careers in personal selling, requirements and rewards, buying motives, product knowledge, prospecting and approach, product presentation, sale closing, account servicing and handling objections.
Entrepreneurship: Managing Your New Venture
Introduces how to manage an entrepreneurial venture through the three developmental stages of growth, expansion and maturity.
Marketing Research
Focuses on the skills and techniques necessary to conduct basic marketing research. It covers problem definitions, planning studies, use of secondary data, questionnaire design and development, instrument administration, and data collection and interpretation.
Prerequisite: Marketing 1, Principles of (10-104-151) or Marketing 1 (10-104-156DE)
Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs
Targets prospective and existing entrepreneurs who are not financial managers. Its objective is to help entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of financial management and analysis that will enable them to better manage the financial resources of their business.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (10145104)

Select a total of 3 credits from these options

Marketing 1, Principles of
Introduces modern marketing practices. The course examines the role played by marketing in society and covers consumer motivation, market segmentation, product development, advertising and channels of distribution.
Employment Law
Introduces employment and labor law. This course emphasizes human resource management and labor relations. It explores employment and labor and social issues in the work environment through the laws that govern the employer/union and employer/employee relationships.
Human Resources Management
Covers the supervisor's role in human resources planning. Topics include human resource development, employee selection, performance appraisals, compensation, training, labor relations, organizational productivity, motivation, teamwork and affirmative action.
Recruiting and Hiring
Focuses on recruitment, selection and hiring practices. This course examines what today's workforce expects and how to efficiently use the recruitment budget. All steps of the hiring process are reviewed. This material supplements the legal aspects of the employment process.
Leadership Development
Covers the supervisor's role in leadership effectiveness. Topics include theories of leadership, development and implementation of teams, impact of leadership style, philosophy of corporate culture and leadership in the global marketplace.

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