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Computer Rendering & Animation

20-606-1 Certificate (C) 7 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

With computer rendering and animation skills, you can create video games and movie animations. Or you could use your skills to create animation for mechanical assemblies, building interiors, crime scene reenactments and accident reconstructions. You’ll learn AutoCAD, 3D modeling and materials, 3D rendering, special effects, character movement and particle systems.


Course Title
Course Number
AutoCAD 3D
Utilizes AutoCAD software to allow learners to enter into the world of 3D design. Topics include 3D coordinate systems, surface and solid model creation, solid model editing, rendering and an introduction to visualization and animation.
Prerequisite: Draft-AutoCAD 1 (10-606-110) or AutoCAD, Introduction to (10-606-114) or Commercial CAD (10-304-124) or Intermediate AutoCAD (10-606-127)
AutoCAD, Introduction to
Covers the very basics of AutoCAD - introduction to the user interface, basic drawing commands, basic editing commands, and basic viewing commands. This course will give the student a comfort level for working within the AutoCAD environment and the knowledge needed for more advanced CAD courses offered within the various degree programs.
3D Modeling and Materials
Familiarizes the learner with methods of modeling and material creation to build realistic-looking scenes for output to print, Web, animation or video. The student will end the class with a final project of their own choosing, demonstrating their knowledge of the skills learned in this class.
3D Rendering and Animation
Focuses on the creation of an animation project (video) that incorporates everything you have learned in 3D Modeling and Materials and the new topics in 3D Rendering and Animation. Techniques for rendering, special effects, character movement, and particle systems will be explored.
Prerequisite: 3D Modeling and Materials (10-606-125)


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