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CAD Management

20-606-2 Certificate (C) 17 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Become a more valuable employee by learning to keep a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) department running smoothly, quickly and efficiently. This program will add advanced skills to your Mechanical Design associate degree. You’ll learn to customize and program CAD software and gain skills in networking, data and document management, hardware and software budgeting.


Course Title
Course Number
Technological Resource Management
Focuses on acquirement, maintenance and replacement of technological resources. Examines the need for resource identification and allocation, problem identification, and resolution related to business technologies.
Corequisites: 10-106-118 Effective Business Practice; 10-106-128 Adv Office Software Apps; 10-106-160 Bus Relationship Development; 10-106-178 Presentation and Training Techniques; CAD Management Certificate students do not need this coreq.
Presentation and Training Techniques
Develops the skills necessary to prepare, support and facilitate business presentations and training programs.
CAD Standards
CAD standards is an often overlooked concept within a CAD department. Efficiency and consistency can be optimized with well thought out and documented CAD standards. Standards and how they apply to layers, dimensions, text, title blocks, plotting, as well as other objects, will be covered. Students will be allowed to work with the CAD program of their choice (AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks or Catia). The course assumes familiarity and a comfort level with at least one of those software packages.
Advanced AutoCAD
Suitable for students comfortable with the basics of creating an AutoCAD drawing, as taught in Intro to AutoCAD and Intermediate AutoCAD. This course focuses on using efficiency tools including grips and tool palettes, drawing with complex objects including polylines, regions and advanced text objects, defining blocks and attributes, using external reference files and image files, using layouts and advanced plotting features, creating sheet sets, and enhancing productivity with simple customization of AutoCAD. It is recommended that students have completed Intro to AutoCAD and Intermediate AutoCAD, or have appropriate industry experience in AutoCAD.
AutoCAD Customization
Will introduce the student to the various objects that can be customized within AutoCAD's graphical user interface. AutoCAD's macro language and DIESEL language will be applied to the ribbon, toolbars, tool palettes and other interface objects. Other customizable objects will also be covered. The course assumes familiarity and a comfort level with AutoCAD and will use the latest release of the software, however, backward compatibility will be discussed.
Document Management - Autodesk Vault
Focuses on the use of Autodesk Vault for setting up a safe and secure file sharing environment for companies that are using Autodesk Inventor or AutoCAD. The course assumes familiarity with AutoCAD or Inventor. Knowledge of Product Life Management (PLM) helpful but not required.
Introduction to Autodesk Inventor
Will introduce the student to the basics of Autodesk's Inventor software. Close attention will be paid to properly navigating the interface. Sketching, dimensional and geometric constraints, part modeling, drawing creation, and assembly modeling will all be examined.


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