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Digital Manufacturing

20-623-17 Certificate (C) 15 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Locations*: Appleton, Oshkosh

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Manufacturers are using a new generation of technology, and this certificate will give you the skills you need for today’s environment. You’ll explore issues related to the process of turning a digital design into a physical object. You’ll also learn about engineering modeling and geometric design, and will gain an understanding of the tools, machines, language and regulations in the industry. This hands-on program will keep you current with new emerging trends in manufacturing.


Course Title
Course Number
Digital Equipment Safety
Introduces the student to the safe operation and maintenance of advanced manufacturing equipment as they are used in digital fabrication such as; CO2 Lasers, Milling Machine, Heat Press, 3d Printers. Also, the regulations and industrial safety standards are researched in the course.
Fab Lab Operations
Provides hands-on experience using new trends emerging in the practice of manufacturing. A focus of the course is developing skills needed for managing priorities and meeting a customer's schedule.
Independent Project Application
Will have the student develop a job application packet. The packet will be a compilation of work completed during the degree coursework. It will include a resume and cover letter describing the student and the materials. The final product will be submitted in a binder appropriate to give to a potential employer.
Laser Engraver
Explore what a laser is and how a laser works. Discuss common types of lasers and how they are used, how much laser power is necessary, laser safety, parameters such as speed, power and frequency, what materials are laser compatible, system cleaning and maintenance.
3D Printing
Familiarizes students with the digital tools and techniques relevant to the task of visualizing and prototyping 3D designs. Students are taken through a series of hands-on class exercises, supported with specialized video tutorials. The class culminates in the creation of a 3D product of the student’s design.
Digital QA/QC
Focuses on Quality Assurance/Quality Controls as related to digital fabrication and advanced manufacturing, quality principles and standards. Effective Team Function-conflict resolution, consensus, brainstorming, meeting management, and stages of team development are also covered.


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