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Environmental Health & Safety

20-623-14 Certificate (C) 15 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Locations*: Appleton, Oshkosh

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Environmental health and occupational safety have an important impact on business and industry. In this program, you will learn about regulatory standards and the inspection process. You’ll also learn about the prevention of risk factors in the workplace, as well as accident investigation and reporting. As part of your training, you will complete a series of simulated reports and policies to prepare you for entry-level work in this interesting field.


Course Title
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Safety Management
Provides an introduction to occupational health and safety management principles. Topics include a history into safety and health management, ethics, interpersonal dynamics, prevention, response, and promoting safety in the work place. This course reviews the role a safety and health coordinator has in today’s workplace.
Regulatory Compliance
Provides the student with an introduction of the federal and state standards that apply to safety and health. The focus will be on how to research and respond to regulatory standards. Using on-line and off-line resources, the student will respond to a series of selected questions about regulatory compliance.
Accident Investigation
Reviews the practices needed to conduct an effective and thorough accident investigation and prepare a comprehensive accident report. The student will learn to interview witnesses, prepare a site drawing, and gather appropriate visual evidence. In a simulated scenario, the student will prepare a comprehensive report on the incident.
Industrial Hygiene, Introduction to
Focuses on identifying and preventing environmental stressors in the workplace. The student will be involved in predicting, recognizing and assessing exposures that can lead to sickness or injury within the facility. Students will locate and interpret the OSHA 300 logs and compare to current injury/illness data.
Audits and Inspections
Examines the process that takes place during the planning, design, and implementation of an effective audit and inspection program. Students will learn how to conduct the monitoring function in an organization to locate and report existing and potential hazards. Students will develop site specific inspection forms in selected topic areas.
DOT Engineering
Designed to introduce the student to ever changing regulations of the DOT. The course will cover Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, entry-level driver requirements, drug and alcohol testing and reporting, and handling hazardous materials. The newest requirement, Transportation Safety Plans, are a part of the class. This course is designed to be delivered online. Alternate modes of delivery are available upon request.


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