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PC Programming

20-107-8 Certificate (C) 21 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

This certificate can help you develop or stay current with your computer programming skills. You’ll learn the basic principles of logic and programming, and how to write applications with C#, .NET and C++ programming languages. Your training will also include the operation and management of relational databases, including SQL. In addition, you’ll learn about project planning and implementation in a business environment.


Course Title
Course Number
Advanced Software Development
Explores advanced programming techniques using the Microsoft.NET environment. Focuses on using Object Oriented Programming (OOP), advanced controls, data reporting tools, deployment methods and database access methods. Project design and management methodologies will be developed throughout the class.
Prerequisite: C# Intermediate Programming (10-152-116)
C# Introduction to Programming
Introduces students with little or no programming background to programming and logic principles that apply to traditional and Windows systems. Uses C# to apply the principles by developing simple Windows applications.
Computer Programming C++
Introduces C++ programming concepts and statements including input and output of data in a console application, variables and data type considerations, if-else and switch-case programming constructs, looping constructs, creating programmer defined functions, arrays, pointers, string manipulation, data structures and sequential file processing. It also introduces Object Oriented Programming in the C++ language.
Prerequisite: C# Introduction to Programming (10-152-111) OR C# Intermediate Programming (10-152-116) OR Visual Basic Introduction (10-152-115) OR JavaScript (10-152-117)
C# Intermediate Programming
Covers C# programming concepts and statements starting with basic class/object terminology. Investigates data types, methods and behaviors, iteration, arrays, lists and collections, Windows (GUI) programming, event programming, inheritance, file IO, exception handling and Database access methods.
Prerequisite: C# Introduction (10-152-111) OR Visual Basic Introduction (10-152-115) OR Computer Programming C++ (10-152-114).
Data Access for Programmers
Provides background in fundamental database concepts, design, documentation, implementation and distribution involving the relational database model. Students will create, query and update relational databases using Structured Query Language (SQL).
Data Administration Techniques
Covers the operation and management of client/server back-end relational databases. Topics include data definition language, table modification, creating views, indices, triggers, transactions, backup and recovery.
Prerequisite: Data Access for Programmers (10-152-168)
Agile Development
A capstone course in which students utilize multiple Web technologies to build a complete and functional Web site in a group setting to simulate real-world development. Project design and management methodologies will also be introduced to expose students to estimating and project management techniques.
Prerequisite: PHP (10-152-121)


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