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New Programs

At Fox Valley Tech, we’re always working with local employers to identify the most current and relevant education for the job market. By providing students with the skills that area employers need most, we’re ensuring that our graduates are building rewarding, in-demand careers.

New program offerings for 2015-2016 include training for high-demand areas like manufacturing, public safety, engineering, printing and more.

Associate Degree Program(s)

Industrial Engineering Technician

Prepare to be an effective team member and problem solver in today's fast-paced manufacturing environment. In this program, you’ll learn about the issues facing industrial engineering and gain core background knowledge of lean production principles. You'll also learn about the analytical methods used to evaluate, problem solve and improve processes, including Six Sigma, and how to employ these methods to improve the workplace around you. When you’ve completed this program, you'll be ready to work in the manufacturing, food processing and service industries.

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Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Looking for a fun yet challenging career where you can use hands-on skills to solve problems?  The Manufacturing Engineering Technology program will prepare you to work in all types of manufacturing industries designing and improving processes. You’ll develop a broad background and gain hands-on experience in many areas including manufacturing processes, automated manufacturing, computer-aided design and manufacturing, fixture and tooling design, and mechanical and electrical system design. Lean production principles, project management, engineering economic analysis and communication skills are also important parts of this program. Get ready for a fulfilling career working with people at all levels to ensure the success of your organization.

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Paramedic to ADN Pathway

If you’re currently a practicing paramedic in the state of Wisconsin and want to continue your education to become a registered nurse, this program is designed for you. You can apply the credits from your paramedic diploma to give you a head start. Then continue your hands-on experience using a wide range of clinical skills, health assessments and medication administration. Our state-of-the-art health simulation environment gives you access to a variety of life-like training opportunities to build your confidence and skills. Throughout your training, you’ll practice critical thinking, leadership, team building and accurate communications, which will prepare you to work effectively in a variety of environments and with diverse patient populations. Upon completion, you’ll be eligible to take the state board examination to become a registered nurse.

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Quality Engineering Technology

Meeting customer expectations is of vital importance to the success of every organization. In the Quality Engineering Technology program, you’ll gain the skills necessary to engage in continuous improvement activities as well as traditional quality and inspection duties. You’ll learn how to use Lean Six Sigma tools and methods to reduce waste in any type of process and to foster an ongoing focus on continuous improvement. Quality audits and effective root causes analysis of problems are also part of the general program which allows specialization in either industrial manufacturing, or food and paper processing where laboratory skills are common.

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Technical Diploma Program(s)

Web Designer

With the Web Designer technical diploma, you’ll be prepared to work in this ever-changing technology field. You’ll learn languages and tools for designing and developing the content, presentation and behavior of responsive websites. Hands-on courses will include layout techniques, optimizing graphics for the web, utilizing a content management system, writing web-friendly content, and learning basic design and programming skills.

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Certificate Program(s)

Creative Software

Get the basic skills you’ll need to start in the prepress area of the printing industry. The Creative Software certificate will provide the first-level of training with the Adobe® software used in digital prepress and graphic design. You’ll learn both theory and application through many hands-on activities.

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Preschool Credential

Early care and education professionals wishing to build upon their skills in the preschool setting will find this certificate invaluable. Each age group requires a little something special and preschoolers are no exception. You’ll learn about child development, health, safety, nutrition, how to guide children’s behavior as well as developing curriculum related to art, music and language arts. 

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Production Inspection & Metrology

Growing emphasis on Production Part Approval Processes (PPAP) and Advanced Production Quality Planning (APQP) puts metrology professionals in demand. You’ll receive training on basic measurement tools and advanced measurement techniques including the programming and operation of coordinate measuring machines (CMM). Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing is included as well, with an emphasis on the related inspection techniques.

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Quality, Non-Manufacturing

Working in the food processing or health care industries? Get the skills you need for a career in the quality field. You’ll learn the basic skills to work in a laboratory environment and to troubleshoot a variety of instrumentation. In addition, you’ll learn how and why to conduct quality audits, how to take preventive and corrective actions, and how to use statistics to monitor and improve processes.

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Welding Fundamentals

Get the skills you need for a high-demand, entry-level career in welding. Your training will cover environmental work and personnel hazards common with the industry and proper personal protection methods. You’ll learn how to read shop drawings, interpret detailed weld symbols and will receive hands-on training in welding on a variety of materials and positions.

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