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What’s New for Fall 2015?

At Fox Valley Tech, we’re always working with local employers to identify the most current and relevant education for the job market. By providing students with the skills that area employers need most, we’re ensuring that our graduates are building rewarding, in-demand careers.

New program offerings for 2015-2016 include training for high-demand areas like manufacturing, public safety, engineering, printing and more.

Associate Degree Program(s)

Criminal Justice Studies

Join the ranks of those who protect and serve with a rewarding career in criminal justice. You’ll gain an overview of the role of law enforcement in our society and will become familiar with criminal, traffic, juvenile and constitutional law. In addition, you’ll gain skills in communication, crime prevention, report writing and forensic applications. Your training will also cover employment standards, policing issues and strategies, emergency planning, and criminal investigation. This program will help you be prepared to think critically and manage emergencies effectively as a law enforcement officer.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Do you want a fun yet challenging career where you can use hands-on skills to solve problems?  The Manufacturing Engineering Technology program will prepare you to work in all types of manufacturing industries designing and improving processes. Develop a broad background and gain hands-on experience in many areas. Prepare for a fulfilling career working with people at all levels to ensure the success of your organization.

Quality Engineering Technology

Meeting customer expectations is of vital importance to the success of every organization.  In the Quality Engineering Technology program, you will gain the skills necessary to engage in continuous improvement activities as well as traditional quality and inspection duties.  Depending on your industry interest, this program allows specialization in one of two areas:  industrial manufacturing where dimensional inspection skills are required or food and paper processing and health care where laboratory and instrumentation skills are beneficial.

Technical Diploma Program(s)

Welding/Metal Fab Technician

As a welding and metal fabrication technician, you will be well-prepared to be the next generation of in-demand, highly skilled technicians. In this program, you’ll work with a variety of metals and will learn to produce and assemble structural metal products for industrial manufacturing. You will learn how to plan, develop and implement a production cycle from concept and CAD design through all the fabrication stages such as press brake, tube bending, laser and water jet, and final welding stages. Your training will encompass a thorough understanding of typical manufacturing processes. You’ll also cover robotic arc welding, electrical safety, material properties and welding codes.

Certificate Program(s)

Creative Software

This certificate will provide training on the Adobe© software used in digital prepress and graphic design.  It will provide base knowledge for working with the prepress software.

Printing Technologies Basics

This certificate will provide base knowledge of the various areas of printing from the prepress area to running a press.  Visits to local printers will provide the opportunity to investigate possible career paths within the printing industry.

Production Printing

This certificate will provide base knowledge of the various areas of printing including the various processes and workflow with a heavy emphasis on running a press.  Visits to local printers will provide the opportunity to investigate possible career paths within the printing industry.

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