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WAT Grant Overview

Grants will be awarded to upgrade the skills and productivity of employees of established businesses operating in Wisconsin, with the additional objective of supporting regional workforce and economic development efforts.
Awarded funds promote increased investment in the development of incumbent workers, improve Wisconsin businesses’ productivity and competitiveness, augment the state’s economic base, support career pathways and expand technical college training and technical assistance services to businesses and industry.
Training must focus on occupational skills but can include a combination of occupational, academic, and employability topics or courses. Grants will also be considered for market expansion or business diversification services to established Wisconsin businesses. 
Instruction to be provided using Fox Valley Technical College resources and capacity. 
Grants are awarded through a competitive process. 

Employer Requirements

Employers will be active partners committing resources to assure project success and achievement of training outcomes. Employers will:

Begin training within 90 days of the grant award notification
Deploy on-site coaching, development planning and performance support when appropriate to reinforce and sustain newly acquired workplace skills
Invest company training funds—a 50% training match—to cover indirect, administration and non-allowable training costs
Promote advising and career advancement services from FVTC Career Pathway advocates for trainees interested in pursuing additional education
Report performance outcomes via the WTCS Economic Impact Survey within 30 days of project completion

Evaluation of Requests

The confidential Request for Consideration will be evaluated to determine which employers Fox Valley Technical College can partner with for WAT grants. Every attempt is made to build grant projects that represent the diverse training needs of regional employers recognizing not all training may be eligible for grant support. 

Outcomes-focused training projects that build the skills of employees will be given priority. Additional consideration will be given to projects that:
Increase employees' wages in the short term 
Improve employees' job and career opportunities in the short term 
Implement activities related to career pathways 
Implement part of a formal regional development strategy planned by an industry partnership 
Strengthen the position of the state's driver industries

Types of Grant Training

Frequently-requested training categories can include, but are not limited to:

Advanced Technologies & Manufacturing
Computer & Digital Technology
Customer Service & Sales
Interpersonal & Team 
Lean Six Sigma
Quality & Continuous Improvement
Worker, Supervisor & Leader Effectiveness

Training Plan & Grant Request

Complete this confidential Training Grant Request for Consideration form which includes a forecasted training plan for FVTC to assess if available training grant programs align to your project and timeline.

Training Grant Request for Consideration (PDF)

Contact Grant Advisor

Not sure where to start? Share your interest with the WAT Grant advisor for more details and a complimentary consultation.

Mary Frozena, WAT Grant Advisor
P: 920-735-2487 | E:

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