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Justin Krueger Biography

Fox Valley Technical College Board of Trustees
Board Designation  |  Elected Official  |  Combined Locks Resident
Your Neighborhood Living, Inc., Kimberly

Justin joined the District Board in 2014. He is owner and CEO of Your Neighborhood Living, Inc. (YNL). His life’s work thus far has been the study of human behavior, particularly autism. Justin’s passion is to progress the conditions of our special needs community. He has a decade of experience developing and providing behavioral therapy services for individuals with autism.

Currently, he serves as a village trustee for Combined Locks and as an Outagamie County Board Supervisor. He also serves on the Valley Area Special Needs Religious Education (VASNRE) Board.

Justin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from St. Norbert College. In addition, he studied Philosophy and Leadership Studies from St. Norbert’s Leadership Training Curriculum.

Justin Krueger