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Corrections Training

Corrections Training

With increased crime, mandatory structured sentencing and growing inmate populations, corrections jobs remain in high demand. Expand your on-the-job training to make decisions quickly, negotiate and physically protect yourself in a correctional setting.

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Jail Suicide Assessment, Prevention and Postvention

Hours: 8.00 | Estimated Cost: $50.00

This course examines the problem of jail suicides, and presents the latest information on how to best assess and screen an inmate for suicide risk. Suicide prevention plans are presented as well as effective crisis communication techniques for dealing with an inmate who is suicidal. Models for debriefing are also discussed for use in the aftermath of a suicide. In addition, crisis communication strategies for working with people suffering from mental illness are presented. The final portion of the training focuses on correction officer resilience to help corrections officers stay healthy on the job and into their retirement. This training draws from the latest research and best practice information from a large number of sources including the Department of Justice. This training includes discussion, group exercises and powerful video scenario vignettes as part of the training.

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