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Patrol & Crash Training


Patrol and Crash training provides training and educational topics related to patrol procedures, traffic crash investigations and other vehicle related training.

Featured Seminars

Hazardous Road Training for Law Enforcement

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $50.00

Focuses on improving night driving skills. Officers will learn off road recovery, emergency braking and evasive maneuvers.

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Pursuit Intervention Technique Instructor Course

Hours: 8.00 | Estimated Cost: $80.00

Provides students with knowledge and skills necessary for teaching others the successful termination of a vehicle pursuit. Students will receive classroom and practical hands-on training in the use of Pursuit Intervention Techniques (PIT). Other areas that may be discussed or practiced are tire deflation devices, channeling, and moving/stationary roadblocks from the perspective of a trainer. Legal and liability issues will be addressed.

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Pursuit Intervention Techniques (P.I.T.)

Hours: 8.00 | Estimated Cost: $80.00

This classroom session will include information on how and when to utilize the Pursuit Intervention Technique (P.I.T.); proper communications between officers and dispatch and proper setting up of various roadblocks. The behind-the-wheel session will include matching speeds of the suspect vehicle; the touch and go; the pursuit intervention technique (P.I.T.). In addition, officers will learn how to properly conduct the various roadblocks authorized in Wisconsin.

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Radar Operations

Hours: 24.00 | Estimated Cost: $175.00

Enables students to proficiently test and operate a laser (lidar) and radar unit. Upon completion of this training, each student will test and use a radar and laser (lidar) speed device and earn a certificate of completion.

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