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Printed on 4/19/2018

Cosmetology Apprentice

50-502-1 Apprenticeship (A) 10 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Have you decided on a career as a barber or cosmetologist? Are you already employed in the field? If so, this apprenticeship can provide two years of on-the-job training and classroom instruction that will prepare you for Wisconsin’s licensure exam. In addition to legal and safety issues, you’ll learn about skin care, manicuring, coloring, perm, waving and hair styling. Of course, you’ll also study and practice hair cutting and styling techniques and equipment.


*Course list for reference only. Current students please refer to your individualized program plan or see your advisor.

Occupational Specific (10 Credits)

Course Title
Course Number
Prior Learning Credit
Eligibility Options
Bacteriology for Barber/Cosmetology
Focuses on basic concepts of microbiology as it relates to bacterial and fungal infections and unsafe salon practices. In addition, students explore various types of salon disinfectants as prevention to the spread of infection and disease in the salon.
Skin and Related Disorders
Focuses on the information that hair stylists need regarding the makeup of skin, skin disease and skin disorders. This course helps students to discern when salon treatment is allowable and when medical treatment is required prior to salon service.
Facials and Cosmetics
Introduces professional skin care practices and techniques to remove unwanted hair and to shape facial hair. Students examine salon products, tools and equipment, and techniques of application.
Laws and Regulations for Cosmetology
Outlines the legal requirements for professional Wisconsin barbering and cosmetology practice according to Wisconsin state statutes and administrative codes.
Hair and Related Disorders
Prepares students to distinguish between hair/scalp disorders that are commonly found in the course of salon work and the types of scalp diseases that prevent the barber/cosmetologist from performing salon services.
Shampoo-Safety Practices & Professionalism
Provides information on shampooing/conditioning of the hair and some of the initial-related services delivered by a stylist. In addition, general safety practices important to salon operations are presented as well as concepts helpful to overall professionalism necessary for success in a salon.
Haircutting and Related Equipment
Introduces haircutting, tool usage and maintenance. The processes for tool cleaning and disinfecting are covered.
Hairstyling and Related Equipment
Prepares the student for the theoretical foundations for hairstyling in roller, pin curl, finger wave, blow-drying, iron curling, and thermal pressing.
Hair Coloring
Prepares the student for the theoretical foundation for hair coloring and hair lightening in temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent color additions, as well as first time, retouch lightening and high/low lightening techniques.
Permanent Waving for Hair
Provides the theoretical foundation and supporting chemical knowledge for basic and advanced permanent waving and reverse curl.
Chemical Relaxing for Hair
Presents the theory and chemical knowledge necessary for relaxing naturally curly hair.
Nails and Related Disorders
Helps the student to differentiate between nail diseases and disorders, and nail and skin conditions that affect artificial nail applications. The student uses this knowledge to recognize when medical treatment is required prior to a customer receiving nail services, and when salon professional treatment is allowable.
Covers the theory behind the professional services of manicuring, pedicuring and artificial nail applications. Students examine salon products, tools and equipment. They also learn how to prepare to provide the service, including client consultation strategies.

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