Don’t Forget the Kitchen Scissors

Don’t Forget the Kitchen Scissors

By Chef Gary Lyons

| By: Britten, Casey

Introducing Culinary Bits, a new column featuring tips from our own FVTC Chef Instructors. For March, Chef Gary Lyons provides tips on proper use of a kitchen shears. 

Right now, you’re probably only using your kitchen scissors opening your kid’s treats or other packages. The next time you’re cutting the fat from a roast, splitting pitas or cutting chicken, consider using your kitchen scissors! Chefs use a kitchen scissors for cutting meats and other food items.

There are different types of kitchen shears. I have two basic kinds I use in the kitchen. One set has serrated edges for holding and cutting different types of proteins—such as cutting poultry or splitting the tail of a lobster. The other pair is just a heavy-duty kitchen scissors that I use for things like trimming the ends off fresh green beans or scoring bread dough.

With poultry shears or a general kitchen scissors, make sure you can take them apart for easy cleaning and wash them by hand. There are many nooks and crannies that can hold bacteria, and we certainly do not want to have any cross contamination. 

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