Five FAQs: Diesel Equipment Technician with CDL

Five FAQs: Diesel Equipment Technician with CDL

| By: Daley-Hinkens, Carmelyn M

Nationally, demand for diesel technicians in the workforce will continue to grow over the next few years. Locally, Fox Valley Technical College is responding to the workforce gap by adding a new Diesel Equipment Technician with CDL.

Here are five frequently asked questions about the technical diploma program. Joe Berhausen, department chair of Diesel Technology fills us in with the answers.

What is this program all about?

The Diesel Equipment Technician with CDL Technical Diploma (TD) has a two-year focus. Year one is focused on theory and hands-on training in heavy-duty diesel engine maintenance, air and hydraulic brake systems, drivetrains, steering and suspensions, and electrical systems. When students complete this, they will receive a Diesel Equipment Mechanic Technical Diploma (TD).

Year two has an enhanced skill focus in diesel engine rebuild and repair, engine systems, computer control systems and advanced drivetrain systems while you work on our fleet of over 75 diesel-powered over-the-road tractors and 55 trailers. Students will also learn the skills, knowledge and certifications needed to earn a Class A commercial driver's license (CDL).

Why did FVTC decide to add this program now?

Diesel technicians are in high demand within Fox Valley and surrounding areas. Nationally, the industry is predicted to see a major increase in the need for technicians over the next few years. The need for technicians in the state of Wisconsin is expected to grow by 4% annually.

Who should consider exploring this program?

Any person who enjoys working with their hands, has a curiosity for how things work and has the drive to fix things should consider attending.

What kinds of jobs are available with this technical diploma?

Diesel technician jobs cover a wide range of applications. Heavy over-the-road truck repair, light, and medium duty truck repair, stationary power generation, heavy equipment and off-road equipment repair.

What is the earning potential for this career area?

The average annual salary for a diesel technician six months after graduation is $50,880; five years after graduation it is $65,464. This salary is projected to increase by 10.4% annually. Typically, the field has over 678 openings at one time in the state alone.

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