High-Tech Anatomy

High-Tech Anatomy

Spring 2020

| By: Britten, Casey

Students get 3D view of the human body with high-definition table.

Students in the FVTC Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA), Nursing and Therapeutic Massage programs have the unique opportunity to learn via a virtual human dissection table.

Also known as the Anatomage Table, this device is a high-definition real human 3D anatomy system, allowing students to visualize and dissect human anatomy beyond what cadavers can offer.

FVTC’s table includes four virtual cadavers—two males and two females. In the OTA program, the table is used to teach anatomy of the upper and lower extremities, as well as medical conditions.

“OTAs work with people in physical rehabilitation settings who have medical conditions,” explains Shelly Muche, OTA department chair. “Sometimes the interventions OTAs use in practice require accurate knowledge of anatomy. Using the virtual cadaver to better learn anatomy helps prepare them for those situations.”

See the Anatomage Table in action: