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Today’s managers and staff must be prepared for the challenges of a dynamic new workplace. Fox Valley Technical College partners with your organization to customize assessment, training and coaching solutions to help develop the specific skills your business requires. Benefit from a full complement of services to meet the needs of performance leaders and supervisors, financial specialists, marketing and office staff, and customer service providers responsible for getting results.

Featured Customized Training

  • +Virtual: Business, Management & Finance Online/Virtual

    Select business, management and finance topics are available virtually for your remote workforce. New options are added as demand warrants with all available in a live, interactive format.

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  • Change Management Online/Virtual

    Learn to unlock new potential to approach organizational change with greater confidence and competence, resulting in improved productivity. A wide range of topics and approaches prepare employees at all levels to adapt to, lead, manage, influence and implement change. Volatile organization and economic times are not the time to hibernate; they are an opportune time to gear up and adapt while preparing for tomorrow's opportunities.

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  • Communication Skills Online/Virtual

    Excellent communication skills are at the heart of good business practices. Explore a variety of training that focuses on improving written, oral, interpersonal, telephone, customer relations and international communication skills. Fox Valley Technical College's customized approach and expert instructors assure immediate relevance to the job. Explore the Communication Skills training category or request information on available training.

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  • C-Suite Strategy Online/Virtual

    *C-Suite Strategy Conversations* are interactive briefings targeting top executives and functional leaders. These executive-level services focus on issues impacting senior leaders with accountability for enterprise performance. Each briefing can be delivered at your organization or off-site, leaving the leadership team with one to three ideas for immediate application within their organization. Topics provide new ways of looking at enterprise challenges, problem solving and opportunities.

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  • Customer Service, Sales & Marketing Online/Virtual

    Growing and retaining customer relationships are critical to expanding your business. Fox Valley Technical College offers a variety of options to improve the skills necessary for these high-demand jobs. Benefit from a full complement of services designed for marketing, sales and customer service providers responsible for achieving results. Explore the Customer Service, Sales and Marketing training category or request information on available related training.

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  • EXCELerated Leadership Skills Online/Virtual

    Customize and create a targeted training series to build the foundational skills of leaders, supervisors and managers. Each 4-hour course addresses step-by-step behaviors and communications that increase team members **motivation, productivity, accountability, trust and commitment** and align them to the organization's strategic objectives.

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  • Financial Skills

    Gain confidence in dealing with financial statements, budgeting, basic accounting, financial computing and personal finances. Using the skills and expertise of accounting, small business and financial services instructors, FVTC can develop customized training to help you and your employees develop specialized financial skills.

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  • International Business

    A changing global economy creates an immediate need to understand other cultures. Customers, colleagues and co-workers speak different languages and come from different cultures. Fox Valley Technical College offers customized training that values diversity and teaches multi-cultural communication. Choose from training in over ten foreign languages, and multiple seminars and service offerings for organizations that do business internationally. Explore the Global Education training category or request information on specific international business training.

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  • Leadership Academy for Frontline Employees Online/Virtual

    The six-module series builds the leadership skills of the informal leader in every organization. Frontline employees gain the confidence and skills to take charge of their work area and lead their coworkers. Learn best practices of other organizations and collaborate on new peer leadership approaches with the ability to apply those new skills in the workplace. The *Leadership Academy* was developed in collaboration with the NEW Manufacturing Alliance.

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  • Leadership, Management & Supervision Online/Virtual

    The training experts of the FVTC Management Development team offer a wide range of topics, series, certificates and customized services that build practical, applicable skills. Training is delivered using real-life examples, proven techniques and practical methods designed for immediate workplace application. Our portfolio of supervision, management and leadership services meet the needs of informal leaders, frontline supervisors, working managers and c-level leaders.

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  • Personal Coaching & Development Planning Online/Virtual

    Effective coaching is one of the critical components of employee development and performance improvement. A range of coaching services are available through FVTC including customized training, one-on-one coaching, development of a coach-as-mentor program and related workplace coaching seminars. Coaching skills provide the tools necessary to successfully coach individuals to perform a job, a task or a skill. Learn to build trust and respect with team members by developing relationships through coaching.

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  • Professional Office Skills

    Organizations of all sizes and types depend on those with professional office skills to keep business operations running smooth and work environments organized. FVTC provides office technology skills training to develop employees to be valued contributors in today's high tech office. Training is available in computer skills, customer service, office operations, project and time management, meeting and event coordination, and a wide range of general office skills.

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  • Project Management Online/Virtual

    Project managers, members of project teams, contractors and managers will benefit from learning new project management tools and skills from FVTC. This training takes you through the entire project management cycle of planning, scheduling and controlling a major project.

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  • Small Business & Entrepreneurship Online/Virtual

    Small business and entrepreneurs are the backbone of a growing economy and critically important to the Fox Valley region. Fox Valley Technical College and the Venture Center are committed to servicing the needs of small and emerging businesses with affordable training and technical assistance. FVTC works in partnership with other organizations and small businesses to ensure services address the critical needs of start-ups and small employers. Explore the Small Business and Entrepreneurship training category or request information on available training.

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  • Strategic Planning & Deployment Online/Virtual

    Strategy is more than a plan. Strategy yields targeted results through focused action. Fox Valley Technical College's strategic planning services are focused on helping business leaders change their results. We partner with FVTC facilitators or senior business advisors who are dedicated to developing and deploying strategy.

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  • Supervision Skills Online/Virtual

    Hone your supervisory and management skills and improve your performance as a front-line supervisor or manager. The *Supervision Series* is a highly interactive six-part series that provides new and experienced supervisors the tools they need to effectively motivate, communicate and direct their teams to meet organization goals and objectives. These sessions are designed for all industries, including production, machine, maintenance and office environments.

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You May Also Be Interested In

  • +Virtual: Communication Skills Online/Virtual

    Select communication skills topics are available in virtual and in-person formats for your on-site or remote workforce. New options are added as demand warrants with all available in a live, interactive format.

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  • +Virtual: Customer Service, Sales & Marketing Online/Virtual

    Select customer service, sales and marketing topics are available virtually for your remote workforce. New options are added as demand warrants with all available in a live, interactive format.

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  • +Virtual: Human Resources & Workplace Skills Online/Virtual

    Select human resource & workplace skills topics are available in virtual and in-person formats for your on-site or remote workforce. New options are added as demand warrants with all available in a live, interactive format.

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  • Corporate Innovation Accelerator Online/Virtual

    Success in today's business environment requires innovation and speed to market. Entrepreneurs in all sectors are combining their business savvy with creativity to swiftly and successfully enter and compete in the marketplace. The Venture Center's team of entrepreneurs turned intrapreneurs are committed to creating a customized approach to improve your company's intraprenuerial spirit and business results. Contact the [FVTC Venture Center]( today to learn more about intrapreneurship training options and approaches.

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  • Emotional Intelligence Online/Virtual

    Research shows convincingly and conventional wisdom demonstrates that emotional intelligence (EI/EQ) is more important than IQ in almost every role and many times more important in leadership roles. It is the ability to identify, assess, and control your own emotions and to be sensitive to the emotions of others. The good news is that emotional intelligence can be and must be developed.

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  • Hospitality & Culinary

    The service industry is projected as a growth sector for years to come; however, competition will continue to threaten food service, leisure, tourism and hospitality businesses that don't invest in training. Fox Valley Technical College provides courses and customized training in areas including lodging, food and beverage, meeting planning, tourism and recreation.

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  • Talent & Success Insights Online/Virtual

    The first step to boost individual, team and organizational performance is understanding the people producing the results. Uncover individual talent and success factors to build a cohesive, high-performance workforce using a combination of assessment and facilitated debriefs. Results provide insights into individual styles, talents, team communication and competencies.

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  • Team Development & Team Building Online/Virtual

    Teamwork is essential at every level in every organization. Team development and team building services provide the foundation for a strong workplace environment. It capitalizes on the strengths and talents of the diverse group. FVTC offers a range of customized training, consultative and facilitation services, and team assessments in the area of team development and formation - *from the frontline to the boardroom*. Services are provided by a wide range of technical consultants, each with a unique focus and approach.

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  • Train-the-Trainer Online/Virtual

    New and experienced trainers can benefit from FVTC's Train-the-Trainer series, workshops and customized services. Learn to develop, coordinate, coach or conduct interactive training in a classroom or one-on-one in the workplace. Choose from popular OJT options, *Communication Skills for Trainers* or various Train-the-Trainer Certificate Series to match your needs.

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  • Workplace Relationships Online/Virtual

    Understanding the boundaries of workplace relationships is essential for newly promoted or hired supervisors when managing their role and relationship with direct reports. Training focuses on the friendly vs. friend and the distinction between friend and supervisor/manager.

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