Change Management

Learn to unlock new potential to approach organizational change with greater confidence and competence, resulting in improved productivity. A wide range of topics and approaches prepare employees at all levels to adapt to, lead, manage, influence and implement change. Volatile organization and economic times are not the time to hibernate; they are an opportune time to gear up and adapt while preparing for tomorrow's opportunities.
Our change management training and consulting services feature a multitude of topics, approaches and customized series. View *module options* for a sampling of available services or contact a Business & Industry Services advisor to develop a tailored service plan.

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  • Module Options
    **Adapt to Change** *for frontline employees*
    * Self-assessment on personal adaptability
    * Limiting factors to accepting change
    * The ladder of inference
    * A hands-on, change activity & discussion
    * Coping with change
    * Moving toward acceptance
    **Supporting & Leading Change** *for supervisors, managers and leaders*
    * Understand why change is hard from a neuroscience perspective
    * Adopt principles to survive and thrive in today's fast changing world
    * Leverage powerful tools and techniques to adapt to change
    * Learn the top predictable reasons why change efforts typically fail
    * Prepare for the stages of change over time in respect to team member engagement, productivity, and adoption of the change
    * Communicate with team members to overcome the 4 fears of change
    * Strategize for leading change successfully
    * Promote positive change with the 6-step approach
    **Influencing Change** * for frontline supervisors and managers*
    * The traits of highly adaptive individuals & organizations
    * Resistance factors to change that can emerge, and what influencers can do to address those factors among their peers
    * Predictable emotional & psychological patterns people experience when reacting to change
    * Change communication techniques to influence others without authority
    * The ladder of inference: understanding how our brain works to interpret change and the dangers
    * Identify your personal approach for handling change
    **Leading Change** *for senior leadership*
    * The traits of highly adaptive individuals & organizations
    * Resistance factors to change that can emerge and specific leadership actions to address those concerns
    * Predictable emotional & psychological responses to change
    * Communicating change: using Sineks golden circle
    * Influence for leaders: the lesson of motivational interviewing & communicating change
    * Two distinct models for implementing change
    **Change Management Series** *for leaders responsible for creating and sustaining a change plan*
    * **Planning for Change:** Selecting a change project with impact; measure change readiness; identify change boundaries; plan change steps; create action plan
    * **Involving Others in the Change:** Create timeline for change process; identify who to involve and when; strategize for dealing with reactions to change; create action plan
    * **Sustaining the Change:** Measure success of the change process; make adaptations to change plan; review giving positive and negative feedback
    * **Ending Strong:** Create final project report; plan for sharing results; Identify different methods for celebrating for different personalities; identify key learning for next project; celebrate accomplishments
    **Change Management Advisory Services** *for senior and c-level leaders evaluating and implementing strategic change*
    * Strategy deployment
    * Change management planning
    * Portfolio decision-making
    * Influence and acceptance strategies
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