Leadership Academy for Frontline Employees

The six-module series builds the leadership skills of the informal leader in every organization. Frontline employees gain the confidence and skills to take charge of their work area and lead their coworkers. Learn best practices of other organizations and collaborate on new peer leadership approaches with the ability to apply those new skills in the workplace. The *Leadership Academy* was developed in collaboration with the NEW Manufacturing Alliance.
Explore the *training outline* for the series that includes six modules.
* Working as a High Performing Team
* The Peer Leader - Valuing the Differences
* Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
* Conflict Resolution
* Behavioral Based Safety
* Lean Overview

    Additional Information

  • Target Audience
    Frontline peer and informal leaders; high-potential employees on career pathways into first-level leader or supervision positions.
  • Training Outline
    **Module 1: Working as a High Performing Team**
    * Identify your role in the formation of formal and informal high-performing teams
    * Develop communication skills and personal competencies of the peer leader
    * Evaluate approaches to dealing with negative team members
    **Module 2: The Peer Leader - Valuing the Differences**
    * Investigate various motivational and relationship models and their workplace application
    * Develop a personalized model of relationships among peers and team members
    * Gain exposure to the value of workplace differences and how they can strengthen a team
    **Module 3: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving**
    * Learn a variety of problem solving and critical thinking methodologies
    * Foster a positive attitude in the midst of challenging situations and change
    **Module 4: Conflict Resolution**
    * Recognize the early warning signs of conflict
    * Develop coping mechanisms to steer conflict towards peaceful resolution
    * Apply positive communication skills to mitigate escalating conflict
    * Recognize the need for mutual respect for all parties concerned
    **Module 5: Behavioral Based Safety**
    * Understand the hierarchy of controls related to workplace safety and injury prevention
    * Create a system for injury prevention and control from accident data
    * Develop a safety culture that promotes and protects employees
    * Design and implement a behavioral checklist for coaching employees in accident avoidance
    * Implement design changes to the workplace to perform jobs safely
    **Module 6: Lean Overview**
    * Investigate the definition of waste and learn how to identify waste in the workplace
    * Develop an appreciation for team-based approaches to lean implementation
    * Understand various foundational continuous improvement tools
    * Identify plans for immediate utilization of the tools within workplace environments
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