Team Development & Team Building

Teamwork is essential at every level in every organization. It capitalizes on the strengths and talents of the diverse group. Team development and team building services provide the foundation for a strong workplace environment. Outcomes associated with *team development* and *team building* training include an understanding of:
* Foundational workplace relationships
* Team-based environments
* The performance effectiveness of teams versus individuals
* Personal work profile and styles of others
* Tools and formats for holding effective meetings
* The stages of team development and characteristics of healthy teams
* Basic communication patterns frequently used/experienced in teams
* Team roles and responsibilities
* Tools and methods for reaching consensus
Review several approaches to team development recommended by employers and request a consultation to discuss a team-building activity, training, facilitation or event plan.

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  • Module Options
    **Corporate SWAT** *for teams seeking to grow and build strong bonds*
    * Experience a SWAT scenario at the FVTC Public Safety Training Center
    * Develop effective communication skills and trust in high-stress scenarios
    * Improve critical thinking and problem solving skills while engaged in high-stake situations
    * Learn to adapt to change in circumstances beyond our control
    * Collaborate as a team to achieve your goals and conquer the bad guys
    **Critical Core Team Skills** *for all employee groups*
    * Positive attitude
    * Adapt to change
    * Work collaboratively in teams
    **Facilitating Diverse Teams** *an online training option*
    * Beginning a facilitation session and maintaining focus
    * Creating and maintaining a positive meeting atmosphere
    * Recording group ideas and the rules of wording
    * Addressing and managing group conflict in a non-confrontational and effective way
    * Conducting process checks and exploring reasons meetings falter
    * Leveraging decision-making tools to arrive at agreeable solutions
    * Action planning and strategies to avoid poor follow through
    **Fostering Strong Internal Customer Relations** *for work teams*
    * Self-evaluate how paradigms can be self-limiting
    * Building and maintaining the relationships we have with others
    * Understanding how others' perception of us influences the reciprocal value of relationships
    * Tips to improving even the best workplace relationships
    **Lean Team Membership** *for continuous improvement teams*
    * Articulating a clear vision and purpose
    * Developing a high performance team-based organization
    * Creating a culture of innovation using teams
    * Building trust and strengthening communication
    * Embracing failures and celebrating successes
    **Team Building Using Personality Inventories** *for all employee groups*
    * Team building with DiSC
    * Team building with CliftonStrengths - *formerly known as StrengthsFinder*
    * Team building with Emotional Intelligence
    * Team building with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    * Team building with TTI Talent Insights® Inventories
    **Team Communication Skills** *for all employee groups*
    * Conflict resolution
    * Generational communication
    * Giving and receiving feedback
    **Team Performance Using CliftonStrengths** *for all employee groups*
    * Teams focus on CliftonStrengths; individual coaching available
    * Understand and develop individual and team strengths for improved performance
    * Use strengths to discover natural potential and apply it to business planning
    **Work Collaboratively in Teams** *for all work teams*
    * Reflecting: What makes a GREAT team?
    * Developing creative thinking
    * Thinking outside-the-box for solutions
    * Team building activity and follow-up discussion
    **Other Team Building Modules** *for target audiences and needs*
    * Leading diverse teams
    * Building blocks of high-performance teams
    * Team facilitation and collaboration skills
    * Managing and leading off-site teams
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