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Public Speaking & Workplace Presentations

In order to be effective in today's workplace, you need to be able to communicate information in a variety of formats, including the often-feared and dreaded oral presentation, delivered for an audience. Learn how to best organize your information, practice and master effective delivery techniques, and conquer your fears and deliver winning presentations.

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**Presentation Skills**

Presentation is about communicating with your audience. You are the presentation. Learn the significance of audience analysis and clearly defined presentation objectives. Get a better understanding of delivery techniques that effectively convey your message and accomplish your objectives.

  • Baseline classroom presentation and peer critique
  • Audience analysis
  • Presentation objectives
  • Organization your visual aids
  • Dealing with anxiety and nervousness
  • Effective delivery techniques

**Conquering Your Public Speaking Fear**

Many people experience some degree of public speaking fear, manifested physically and mentally before speaking in front of an audience. Discover ways to quiet the mind and tame the physical response.

  • The physiology of public speaking fear
  • Self-assessment of level of public speaking fear or anxiety
  • Understanding what fuels our response
  • Methods for coping and conquering fear or anxiety
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