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Call & Customer Care Center

Any successful call or customer care center has one quality in common: *a trained, engaged workforce focused on delivering results*.

To get the most impact from your employees, consider Fox Valley Technical College and its range of customized training and seminars in the area of **call, contact and customer care center skills.

Review three proven training approaches recommended by employers and request a consultation to discuss your customized call or customer care center training plan.

Additional Information

Module Options

**Critical Core Skills for a High Performance Workforce**

  • Positive Attitude
  • Adapting to Change
  • Work Collaboratively in Teams
  • Work Productively

**Call Center Customer Service: Repair/Troubleshooting Focus**

  • Introduction and Opening the Call
  • Determine the Reason
  • Resolve the Reason
  • Challenge Customers
  • Closing the Call

**Call Center Customer Service: Sales Focus**

  • Introduction and Opening the Call
  • Determine the Reason
  • Making Recommendations
  • Closing the Sale and the Call
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