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Fox Valley Technical College offers customizable training modules and full customer experience programs designed to improve your organization's customer focus. Services emphasize the value of key customer service principles, including building rapport and relationships, communicating effectively, handling difficult situations, resolving concerns and achieving customer loyalty.
We can customize your training plan to align with your processes and procedures. In today's competitive marketplace, we also have the expertise and knowledge of current trends and best practices to deliver training that will assist in making customer service one of your strongest differentiators.
Multiple services and approaches are available and can be customized to your organization.

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    **Customer Experience**
    Explore the concept of amazing service with the goal of providing an improved customer experience for your organization. Examine what it means to deliver +1 service, going above and beyond what is minimally expected by our customers, to create an amazing experience. Look at the critical communication components necessary in every customer interaction and discuss the importance of each. Some time is devoted to handling difficult and challenging customers.
    * Going above and beyond what is minimally expected
    * Creating an amazing experience for customers
    * Critical communication components and their importance
    * Handling the difficult and challenging customer
    * Working with difficult customers and the tools to use
    **Fostering Strong Internal Customer Relationships**
    A logical, analytical approach to refocusing and re-centering the team, this course focuses on the way that people view others and the collective work of the team.
    * Self-evaluate how paradigms can be self-limiting
    * Building and maintaining the relationships we have with others
    * Understand how others' perceptions of us influences the reciprocal value of relationships
    * Tips to improving even the best workplace relationships
    **Walk the Customer Service Talk**
    Reach new milestones in your customer service. Find out what customers are seeking and detect unknown customer expectations. Discover the four customer service principles that make you excel. Deal with difficult situations to build customer loyalty.
    * Realizing the legs that 'walk the talk' make slogans a reality
    * Creating memorable experiences by giving away pickles
    * Applying the technique of winning over difficult customers to your challenging situations
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